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Decoding Egypt — a Personal Journey, part 1: Discovering our True Origins

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Tracey's Travel Guide to the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt, Our Past and Our Future

A camel looks upon the pyramids at Giza
Giza Plateau

Decoding Egypt, a Personal Journey

It has been two months since my visit to Egypt concluded, and I am still struggling to find the words to describe everything that I experienced there. It's easy to call Egypt "mystical" or "magical." It feels almost cheating to do so. Everywhere that you look, each place that you visit, and anything that you feel, simply overwhelms the system. I'm not sure that I will ever fully grasp all that encompassed standing between the giant paws of the Sphinx at sunrise or being inside of The Great Pyramid for a two-hour private ceremony. I went to Egypt knowing that I was working on The Earth Chakras documentary series, and that I was to take photos and videos to support this work. Now as I sit at home, browsing my library and going back over my journal log, I realize that I could easily create a several series solely on the planetary fifth chakra alone. So since that task seems incredibly daunting, I figured, why not blog about it!

Where to begin?

Discovering Our True Origins Through the Ancient Past

When most people think about Egypt they picture the vast lineage of the Pharaohs and their magnificent temples and tombs, lined with hieroglyphic writing and symbols. But most of this historically can be found around 1550-1069 BCE in the time called The New Kingdom. Prior to this we have recorded records of many other periods such as the Middle Kingdom, Old Kingdom, and Early Dynastic, which takes us back to more than 5000 years ago. It all seems pretty old, especially when you compare it to say, The United States, where I live. Yet being there in person, exploring the many sites, and deciphering what your intuition is leading you towards, there is an undeniable question-mark on the historical timeline that we have been given.

I follow a man named Graham Hancock, an investigative journalist. He has written several fabulous books in addition to hosting an informative show called Ancient Apocolypse. Graham's tagline is, "Things just keep getting older," because the research and studies using new technologies like ground penetrating radar, seismic and sonar, all indicate that many ancient sites around the world are actually much older than first thought.

Exclusive time between the paws of the Sphinx on Giza Plateau
Tracey between paws of Sphinx

For example, probably the most well known monument of the ancient world is the Sphinx, the mythical half-man, half-lion located on the Giza Plateau in Cairo, Egypt. First of all, let's just get to it — it was not originally a half-man, half-lion, but a full lion figure, whose head was resculpted at a much later date. To look at the Sphinx you can see the notable color difference between the head and body, as if the head were plunked down on top of it, like the days when I used to pop my Barbie heads off and swap them on the body of another doll (I was told that many little girls did this by a toy antique dealer, and not pointing to a much darker potential aspect of little Tracey). But as the Sphinx was buried in sand up to its neck at one time, it could be just the affects of climate and weathering that may have caused the discoloration.

Talking about climate and weathering, Geologist Robert M. Schoch, concluded from his research that the body of the Sphinx suffered a specific type of erosion that could have only occured in Giza 12,000 years ago. This data, when combined with the theory that the Sphinx, whose gaze aligns directly to the sun on the spring equinox, would have also aligned to both the constellations of Orion (the three pyramids on Giza also align to Orion) and Leo around 10,500 BCE, brings us to that same 12,000 year ago mark. Egyptologists refute this argument despite the overwhelming evidence now supporting it. But sonar also indicated an open man-made chamber about 40-50 feet under the Sphinx's left paw, the exact location where prophets and channelers like Edgar Cayce stated that a "Hall of Records" sits, yet suddenly and without explaination, the Egyptian antiquities have ignored this and denied access to more testing from anyone else.

As I stood inside the paws of the Sphinx on a late September 2023 morning with thirty-some other fellow-travelers, I was called to lean on the left paw. There was a lot going on that morning — excitement, awe, verbally guided instructions from our travel guides, planting of a seed for friends who would be doing an activation the next day, and the pending completion of our short, yet monumental exclusive time there. I tried my best to breathe and feel for anything that the Sphinx wanted to share with me. What came was not a voice or a vision, but a recognition — the first of many to come in Egypt — that yes, there is so much more that we are to discover about the true origins of not just this sacred monument, but the true origins of our ancient past and how that may help us to understand our pending future.

Looking Towards our Future Through the Lense of Present Activations and the Ancient Past

It is impossible to do any research on Egypt without discovering a connection to a very ancient origin: Atlantis. By now everyone knows the story that this advanced ancient civilization supposedly destroyed itself through its greed and immoral persuits. Plato learned about Atlantis first from his distant uncle, Solon, who learned about the Atlantis story from the priests in Egypt. But the Atlantis story, or what many agree points to this lost civilization, is also carved extensively on the walls of the Edfu temple. It describes a great catacalysm that left the survivors recreating civilization in Egypt.

The undeniable 11:11 carved into the front of the Edfu TEmple
Edfu Temple of Horus

Edfu, The Temple of Horus, is one of the best preserved shrines in all of Egypt. It is a massive library with historical accounts through written record. Edfu. We arrived in the early morning on a swealtering 105 degree day. The aggressive behavior of the men at the dock who were to take us on a horse and buggy ride to the temple was a foreboding that the energy this day would be intense.

What first struck me about the Temple of Horus, the falcon-headed god who is the son of Isis and Osiris, was the massively carved 11:11 in the front of the building. Now, Egyptologists will tell you that these were for flags. But, come on. Look at it! Horus is also known as a warrior-god who avenged his father's death by his brother, Set, said to be the "evil" brother to Osiris. The story plays like a classical tale of good vs. evil, with Horus playing a new role as Lightworker, ushering in the light over the dark.

I am told that the inside of the Temple in Edfu was incredible. But my story takes a sharp turn in an unusual direction, as just as soon as I was shown the first and only carving of what depicts levitation (guess what? It shows two obelisks that look like an 11), I was struck with an activation that took all my strength to witness the energy moving through my body. I am not sure how long the activation took. But, I know that I needed to hold hands with a good friend as we walked out or I would have fallen over. She is also a medium and told me that the scene around me from all the beings attracted to the energy and my light was insane. There was a complete lapse of time when this occurred, and I was struck with a deeper sense of remembrance of being at Edfu before, working at this temple in some way and in another life with some of the other folks that I was traveling with.

What was it about Edfu that this is where I needed to have this activation? I am still not sure of this entirely. I know that it does have something to do with the 11:11, with my connection to writing, and to the Light. This is my personal journey and I am still unraveling it and what it means for my future.

As for our collective future, it is obvious to me that the tragic tale of Atlantis is a callout to our time that we are living in now. Technology is advancing at an alarming rate. If AI doesn't scare you a little, it probably should. A good dose of humbleness and piety can go a long way here if we are not to fall into the same trappings as Atlantis. While advancement and technolgy can be a good thing, we must be sure to filter everything through our hearts and love as to not succumb to the greed and immortality that befell Atlantis.

What Other Mysteries does Egypt Hold?

The list is truely endless. Pick a temple or a monument and you will fall into a wormhole of mathematics, music and frequency, sacred geometry, magical numbers, and more. So much has been written about Ancient Egypt by many more prolific writer's and researchers than I. My intention in this blog series is to discuss some of the revelations that have come through others' research and how that links to my own experiences, because in the end that is all that I can truly offer you a glimpse of.

They're still digging all over Egypt. What lies buried beneath the sands could be upended any day to change the course of our known history. I believe that we are at a time when the truth can no longer be withheld, so when it comes up, we will know. Is Atlantis our origin? Was it a time before that? Do the connections to the sky, the stars, constellations, and the sun hint that we are truly from the stars? Descendants of the gods? Or something more? I'm open to learning more.

Come with me on a journey of discovery in Decoding Egypt, a Personal Journey.

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