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Welcome to The Vault!

Welcome to The Vault!

Viparita Karani (Legs up the Wall)

Viparita Karani (Legs up the Wall)

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Yoga Nidra - Yogic Sleep

Yoga Nidra - Yogic Sleep

Yoga Breathing Class

Yoga Breathing Class


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Current & Upcoming Class Titles:

Style     Class Title & Duration

Chair    Chair - Energizing    40m 1s
Chair    Chair - Yoga for Joint Mobility    37m 27s
Chair    Chair - Yoga for New Moon    42m 5s
Chair    Chair - Yoga to Relieve Congestion    40m 15s

Gentle    1-4th Chakra Integration    1:08:48
Gentle    1st Chakra    1:12:20
Gentle    2nd Chakra    59m 48s
Gentle    3rd Chakra    1:09:05
Gentle    4th Chakra    58m 8s
Gentle    5th Chakra    1:09:06
Gentle    6th Chakra    1:01:53
Gentle    7th Chakra    1:09:08
Gentle    Chakra Balancing    1:10:43
Gentle    Cultivating Boundless Love    58m 16s

Gentle    Deer Energy    57.28

Gentle    Dove of Peace    56m 23s

Gentle    Flowing Yoga    57:15
Gentle    Gentle Loving Yoga    55m 15s
Gentle    Gentle Yoga with all the Modifications    1:07:57

Gentle    Green Tara Invoking    56m 37s

Gentle    Hanukkah    57:27

Gentle    Hip & Shoulders    57:34

Gentle    I AM Grateful    55:55

Gentle    Imbolc Inner Fire    57m 57s

Gentle    Letting Go    1:01:05
Gentle    May the 4th Be with You    59m 32s

Gentle    Rabbit Medicine    57m 11s

Gentle    Raven Medicine    58m 59s

Gentle    Releasing the Year    55m 11s

Gentle    Rainy Day    1:07:48

Gentle    Squirrel Energy Medicine    59:26

Gentle    Summertime its Hotter than H-E double hockey sticks Cooling    1:00:36

Gentle    Supine Gentle    54m 52s

Gentle    Unifying all the Parts - Last Gentle    54m 53s

Gentle    Yin & Yang of Stretch    5:05

Gentle    Yummy Signature Gentle    1:12:31

Gentle    Yummy Spinal Release    54:57

Gentle Hatha    Water    57m 35s
Gentle Hatha    Dragonfly Energy    53m 54s
Gentle Hatha    Grounding & Centering    1:12:08
Gentle Hatha    To Boost the Mood    1:09:18
Gentle Hatha    Yoga Breathing Class    40m 48s
Gentle Hatha    Serenity Yoga on the Lavender Farm    58m 52s
Gentle Hatha    Mt. Shasta Rooted Practice    50m 59s

               Chakra Classes:

Hatha    10th Chakra - Earth Star    1:09:09
Hatha    11th Chakra - Hands & Feet Chakras    1:05:15
Hatha    12th Chakra    1:08:51
Hatha    1st Chakra    1:07:21

Hatha    1st Chakra w/Ashni D.    1:14:51
Hatha    2nd Chakra    1:11:33
Hatha    3rd Chakra    1:11:59
Hatha    4th Chakra    1:10:25
Hatha    4th Chakra w/Robbyn G.    1:16:54

Hatha    4th Chakra w/Jaime G.    1:17:43
Hatha    5th Chakra    1:13:25
Hatha    5th Chakra Alternate    1:15:20
Hatha    6th Chakra    1:11:39
Hatha    6th Chakra Alternate    1:12:32

Hatha    6th Chakra w/Camille P.    1:07:34
Hatha    7th Chakra    1:08:46
Hatha    8th Chakra - Soul Star    1:10:52
Hatha    9th Chakra - Stellar Gateway    1:07:41
Hatha    Chakra Balancing    1:04:11
Hatha    Earthing 1st Chakra Class    55m 48s
Hatha    Hip Opening (Feel the Joy) 2nd Chakra Class    56m 24s

Hatha    Fire up the Solar Plexus Chakra    59:38
Hatha    Solar Plexus 3rd Chakra Class    1:02:57

Hatha    Breathing New Life Heart Chakra Class    1:03:10

Hatha    Pondering Love while we Open Chest & Heart    55:31

Hatha    Clearing Throat Chakra Energies   55:29


               Animal Spirit Medicine Classes:
Hatha    Alligator Medicine    1:01:30

Hatha    Bear Energy    1:12:36
Hatha    Crow Medicine    1:04:05

Hatha    Dog Energy    1:04:23
Hatha    Dolphin Energy    56m 47s

Hatha    Dragonfly Medicine   53:33

Hatha    Frog Medicine    1:01:11

Hatha    Owl Energy    55m 7s

Hatha    Rabbit Medicine   57:13

Hatha    Raven Medicine   59:00

Hatha    Spider Medicine    1:00:29

Hatha    Squirrel Medicine   59:25

Hatha    Snake Energy    51m 33s

Hatha    Turtle Medicine    55:49

               General - Eclectic Classes:

Hatha    AN - Integrating Sun & Moon    1:10:08

Hatha    All But the Kitchen Sink    57:48

Hatha    Balancing Energies   59:27
Hatha    Chrysalis    1:11:26

Hatha    De-Stress with Woodchoppers   59:40
Hatha    Dove of Peace    1:08:08
Hatha    Empowerment    1:10:40
Hatha    Evening Winding Down    1:07:16
Hatha    Exploring Archetypes    1:07:49
Hatha    Finding Calm in the Storm    1:05:44
Hatha    Heart Opening w/Samantha A.    1:04:54
Hatha    Honoring Grandmothers    1:11:06
Hatha    Kosha Class    1:07:44

Hatha    Letting Go   1:07:49
Hatha    Lion’s Gate Portal    1:09:01

Hatha    Montana Wake-Up w/Majestic Horses    31m 22s
Hatha    Love Inspired w/Karuna    1:12:41
Hatha    OYC Signature Hatha    1:05:23
Hatha    Patanjali - a Hatha Yoga Practice    1:02:32
Hatha    Peace Themed    1:13:13
Hatha    Rebirth - Spring    1:09:07
Hatha    Self Love- Self Care    1:09:14
Hatha    Sovereignty - Personal Freedom    1:05:54

Hatha    Standing to Sitting    1:05:29
Hatha    Supine Hatha Series    1:09:05
Hatha    The “No Plan” Hatha    1:11:17
Hatha    Tracey’s Favorite Yoga    1:07:36

Hatha    Welcome Back To You   1:00:43

               Divine Feminine/Goddess Classes:
Hatha    Artemis Practice for Goals & Intentions    1:06:48
Hatha    Brigid Fiery Flame Yoga    32m 58s
Hatha    Freya 75-Min Hearts & Hips    1:16:18
Hatha    Freya Folkvang 20-min Warrior    20:43
Hatha    Freya Yoga for Visioning    54m 11s
Hatha    Goddess Invoking    1:05:35
Hatha    Green Tara Invoking    1:05:50
Hatha    Kali Invoking    1:04:41
Hatha    Kuan Yin Invoking Hatha Practice    55m 7s
Hatha    Lakshmi Invoking    1:10:46
Hatha    Ostara    1:11:42
Hatha    Saraswati Invoking    1:02:54


               Classes to Celebrate Holiday/Special Days:

Hatha    Earth Day Celebration    1:12:06
Hatha    St. Patrick/Irish Heritage    1:10:52
Hatha    Woman’s Day    50m 54s
Hatha    Releasing the Year    1:07:07
Hatha    Post-Holiday    1:09:20
Hatha    Preparing for the Holidays with Family    1:04:22
Hatha    Dia de los Muertos    1:05:01
Hatha    May the 4th Be with You    1:13:18
Hatha    Honoring Fallen Heroes - Memorial Day    1:07:34
Hatha    Labor Day    1:07:56
Hatha    Mother’s Day    1:09:05

Hatha    Samhain    1:10:07

Hatha    Spring Equinox     1:00:17

Hatha    Beltane    1:08:15

Hatha    Summer Solstice    1:03:02

Hatha    Pre-Holiday De-Stress Hatha    1:06:30

Hatha    Hanukkah    1:01:18

Hatha    Winter Solstice    1:02:54

Hatha    Yule Yoga Practice    1:02:55


               Numerology & Planetary Classes:

Hatha    11:11 Doorway    1:08:09

Hatha    2 2 Portal Slow Flow   1:00:57

Hatha    3:3 is a Magic Number    47m 24s
Hatha    555 Energy Portal    58m 58s
Hatha    9:9 Portal for Completion    59m 59s
Hatha    6:6 Portal    1:01:48
Hatha    11:11 Doorway    1:08:09
Hatha    8:8 Lion’s Gate Portal    1:09>01
Hatha    Mercury Retrograde    1:04:13
Hatha    Neptunian Themed    1:06:14
Hatha    New Moon    58m 54s
Hatha    Dark Moon    1:00:29

Hatha    Leo Season Hatha    40m 59s

Hatha    Libra Season Hatha    1:03:52

Hatha    Scorpio Season Hips & Heart    1:02:27

Hatha    Sagittarius Season    1:02:20

Hatha    Sagittarius (Alternate Practice)    55:15

Hatha    Virgo Season Hatha    1:03:59


               Spiritual/Religious Classes:
Hatha    5 Buddhist Mindfulness - Thich That Hang    1:07:01
Hatha    Jesus Christ Teachings    1:11:02
Hatha    Hanuman    1:10:00
Hatha    Ganesha for New Beginnings    1:17:30
Hatha    Shiva - Highest Self     1:11:15
Hatha    Buddha’s Middle Path    1:21:10
Hatha    Mary Magdalene Inspired    1:00:52
Hatha    Rosh Hashana    1:09:00


               Short Classes:
Hatha    Inversion    16:18
Hatha    Wall Class #1: Lateral Bends & Inversions    22:25
Hatha    Morning for all levels    25m
Hatha    Evening for all levels    20:54

Stretch  1: Head, Neck, Shoulders   30:36

Stretch  2: Chest, Arms, Upper Back   32:15

Stretch  3: Wrists (Car. Tunnel)   29:49

Stretch  4: Trunk of Body & Sides   30:46

Stretch  5: Hips & for Sciatica   25:58

Stretch  6: Hips & Groin   31:06

Stretch  7: Back of Legs & Hamstrings   25:57

Stretch  8: Front of Legs & Quads   25:55

Stretch  9: Iliospoas   26:01

Stretch  10: Whole Body Stretching with Bolsters, Pillows & props   30:11

               Special Final Classes at the Yoga Studio:
Hatha    Final Class - We are ONE    1:34:48
Hatha    Cycles of Life - Last Tuesday Hatha class    1:00:39
Hatha    Self Love - last Monday Hatha class    1:08:58

Meditation    Chanting OM    8:18

Meditation    Harvest    29m 48s
Meditation    Yoga Nidra - Yogic Sleep    14:32

Restorative    Restore Class    23:37

Vinyasa    1st Chakra    1:14:08
Vinyasa    2nd Chakra    1:12:55
Vinyasa    3rd Chakra    1:07:34
Vinyasa    4th Chakra    1:09:41
Vinyasa    5th Chakra    1:15:15
Vinyasa    6th Chakra    1:15:59
Vinyasa    7th Chakra    1:10:50
Vinyasa    Chakra Balancing    1:12:24
Vinyasa    Fire    1:09:16
Vinyasa    Earth    1:11:58
Vinyasa    Air    1:09:42
Vinyasa    Ether    1:06:03
Vinyasa    Ancient Wisdom    1:00:47
Vinyasa    Chrysalis    1:12:10
Vinyasa    Cleansing Rain    1:09:36
Vinyasa    Emergence    1:13:57
Vinyasa    Gratitude Flow    56m 33s
Vinyasa    Hip Releasing    59m 26s
Vinyasa    Morning all level    1:00:15
Vinyasa    Phoenix Rising    1:12:18
Vinyasa    Rebirth - Spring    1:14:18
Vinyasa    Slow Flow w/Elina H.    1:30:02
Vinyasa    Spinal Flow    1:00:29
Vinyasa    Summertime its Hotter than H-E double hockey sticks Cooling    1:03:58
Vinyasa    Sunrise Flow    1:10:21
Vinyasa    Sunset Flow    1:07:46
Vinyasa    True Self Slow Flow    1:08:29
Vinyasa    Goddess Invoking    1:07:55
Vinyasa    Ix Chel 13 Moons    59m 49s
Vinyasa    Navaratri - 9 Nights of the Goddess    57m 32s
Vinyasa    New Year Intentions    1:11:19
Vinyasa    Labor Day    1:05:19
Vinyasa    Mother’s Day    1:05:13

Vinyasa    2 2 Portal Slow Flow    1:00:57
Vinyasa    444 Galactic Portal Vinyasa    1:14:53
Vinyasa    1212 Energy Portal    1:11:28
Vinyasa    7:7 Portal    1:06:59
Vinyasa    Arcturus Alignment    1:07:56
Vinyasa    Waning Moon - Releasing    1:10:20
Vinyasa    Mandala Moon Flow    1:07:58
Vinyasa    Neptunian Themed    1:06:55
Vinyasa    Full Moon Flow    1:14:09
Vinyasa    Waxing Moon    1:02:35
Vinyasa    Hanuman    1:10:30
Vinyasa    Fall Flow    29m 38s
Vinyasa    Autumn Equinox    1:02:04
Vinyasa    Lammas Celebration    1:08:40
Vinyasa    Summer Solstice    1:12:19

Yin Yoga    Yin Yoga Chakra Balancing    1:13:05
Yin Yoga    Gallbladder to Release Anger    1:00:09
Yin Yoga    For Summertime    57m 44s
Yin Yoga    Wisdom Body   44m 37s
Yin Yoga    Winter Yin KI & BL Meridians    1:06:56
Yin Yoga    Autumn    56m 13s