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Yoga Anatomy Lessons

Part of the 200 hour yoga teacher training involves western anatomy, to understand the mechanics of how the body is designed to move in the yoga postures. Understanding the body's skeletal and musculoskeletal system arrangements are crucial to instructing appropriate alignment cues when teaching yoga, but also to understanding what the teacher is instructing while attending classes. 

This Yoga Anatomy lesson module was recorded during previous yoga teacher training sessions and includes approximately 3.5 hours of the following videos:

1. Yoga Anatomy Lesson Pt 1 - Skeleton & Muscles of 1st Chakra (1:08:01)

2. Yoga Anatomy Lesson - Muscles of 2nd Chakra (36:29)

3. Yoga Anatomy Lesson Pt 2 - Muscles of 3-7th chakra (1:52:56) 

Yoga teachers wishing to use this module towards 5 CEU hours can successfully complete a quiz after watching the videos to receive the 5 hour certificate (no certificate is issued for 3.5 hours of lessons).

* Once you purchase the lessons, you will be granted access to another page with the full content! If you have any issues, contact us at

Yoga Anatomy Training


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Foot Muscles Model

Request 5 CEU Hour Quiz

Yoga Teachers, receive 5 CEU hours once you complete watching these lessons by requesting the anatomy quiz here. With successful completion of the quiz you will receive your certificate for 5 CEU's

* CEU hours must be individually purchased per person in order to receive quiz and certificate

Bring Yoga Anatomy Lecture to Your Training Program

Looking for an experienced yoga teacher to lead the anatomy lessons for your yoga teacher training?

Contact Dr. Tracey for scheduling and availability.

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