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Message Received: I Am Re-Awakened

Backdrop: Sleep is Precious, and I'm not Getting Much

Sleep is a precious commodity for me. I need plenty of sleep every night, and I usually sleep quite well no matter the circumstances. Lately, though, sleep hasn't been the same for me. I'm working through some things, and sometimes I toss and turn for a while until I finally drift off. Some nights it isn't very deep, and then others I sleep for ten or twelve hours and still crave more. It certainly isn't my consistent pattern.

On the eve of March 28th in the wake of the lunar eclipse, I had such a night. It took me a long time to fall asleep, and once I did, it was not a deep sleep. In the middle of the night, I heard a loud noise that awoke me, but not my husband. He was soundly sleeping beside me — this is a rarity in our home as usually it is the other way around.

I paused to await further noise and when nothing else happened, I sat up in bed, pondering all kinds of ill fates that "could" happen to me as my protector, my husband, lay sleeping like a baby.

The crashing noise somehow seemed like it might have come from the attic, meaning that perhaps another animal had found its way in and knocked over something — like the camera that I had installed there for such events. I checked the monitor and there were no events for the camera in the attic. I waited a little while longer, took a walk through the downstairs to ensure that the doors were still latched, then made my way back to bed.

When I ran the events by my husband the next morning he was surprised to hear that he hadn't woken. We shrugged it off and went about our day.

Realization: Connecting the Dots

I was preparing for a family "Game Night" event that next day and when I came to set up the dining room table, noticed that my Balinese Lady was leaning into the table. The cord that held her on the wall had snapped, she fell about a foot to the floor, then forward to the table. I realized that the loud noise I heard hadn't come from above the bedroom, but right below it. I checked her out and she appeared to be in fine shape other than the snapped cord.

Now anyone who knows me understands that I view everything in life as energy and meaningful. This was no different. I just wasn't completely sure what message the Universe was sending me, yet.

Symbolic meaning from the old and the New
My Balinese Lady sitting on the floor next to my Star Art

I've been to Bali twice — once in 2016 on a fact-finding mission with a former business partner of mine, and again in 2017 when we led a retreat group there. I recall seeing these figurines everywhere in Bali, although I purchased this one from a woman here in the USA around 2018. Upon research I found that this could be a rendition of the Hindu goddess, Saraswati, who is a beloved divine feminine to the Balinese. Or, it could be a simple Indonesian woman. Either way, she has a distinct weathered look and a serene disposition, and although I thought about selling her a few years ago when I downsized, had decided to keep her for the while.

Bali is a beautiful country. It is one of the smaller islands in Indonesia, but quite a powerful one. Bali took a bump in tourism back in 2010-2016 when the book and subsequent movie "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert came out. One of the things I found incredibly interesting about Bali is the location on the dragon lines, the planetary ley lines or power lines in the planet. There are only two locations where the two major dragon lines intersect on the planet: Peru (Lake Titicaca, a major planetary chakra location) and Bali, Indonesia.

Showing the Dragon Line Energy on the Planet
Coon's Earth Chakra Map

According to visionary, Robert Coon, who first coined the term "earth chakra," this vortex point of Bali is where the female dragon line swings down from Glastonbury, UK, through Peru's Lake Titicaca and Australia's Uluru chakra points and into Bali before heading up to Mount Kailas, Tibet. The other male dragon line simultaneously runs down from Mt. Shasta, California, USA through Lake Titicaca, Peru and into Bali before heading towards Mount Fuji, Japan. So this little island in the Indonesian archipelago intersects both of these dynamic energy lines. Coon's perspective on Bali has been that it serves as a major purification point, stripping any other lingering impurities of the light and cleansing the earth blood.

The Cypher: Putting it All Together

As we moved through Easter weekend and into a week of deluge rain kicked off by Mercury Retrograde on April Fool's Day and towards the pending solar eclipse coming April 8th, I began to piece things together for myself. When I said that I was working through some things, this was no minor comment. I've been more than a little lost since the devastating transitions of both my beautiful dogs into their soul's next stage. I've spent countless hours pouring over my own life, my purpose, and what I am supposed to be doing next. And I've been stuck in a lot of old thoughts and energy patterns, unable to see clearly.

The more blank my future looked, the more I seemed to fall back into these old patterns. I even felt as though my life was moving backwards, removing many of the segments, block by block, until I felt as though I was back to the places, the feelings, the relationships, and the work where I was ten years ago, then twenty, then thirty... I even thought, maybe I am supposed to be back where I used to be, just with my experiences to enlighten my journey from here. And this could be true — except for the one cold fact that I saw staring me back in the face: I'm miserable there.

I'm not sure where the startling realization came from, but as if I awoke from a dream (or nightmare) I knew, profoundly so, that going back was not an option. Going backwards, retreating from the pending New to the vastly outdated old is not the way. And I see how easy the trap was. I fell into it so astonishingly easily. I had stepped completely out of duality, I had stepped onto the New Timeline, and I was assisting others in moving towards Oneness. Then I made the conscious decision to take all that powerful energy and use it to work on some personal areas of my life. And just like that, I feel into a deep sleep, just like the spell put upon Sleeping Beauty. Only this time, I wasn't really sleeping, I was just sort of unconscious, as I assume so was she.

The zap that brought me back brought me to the understanding of what my little Balinese Lady stood for: old energy, outdated concepts, and duality. Her cord had to snap and she had to crash off the wall to awaken me, and from there I rode the wave of energy to receive the message and re-awaken. And I realize that I am not alone. I have been witnessing many beautiful people fall into the same deep sleep. Like walking zombies, waves of beloved humans have forgotten who we are and what we are here to do. Instead of creating space for the New World, Oneness, or whatever the word is for the new reality we are on the precipice of living in, too many have fallen into the "drugs" that pull us backwards and re-hook us into the old.

Message Received: I Am Re-Awakened from the Deep Sleep of Duality

If you're still reading this, I urge you to look at your life through an unfiltered lense. Ask yourself if you are happy, peaceful, and living from an expanded place of love. If not, how much fear is guiding your everyday? If the fear is ruling, you're asleep. It's that simple.

I've a hunch that the April 8th solar eclipse is going to be a massive point of shift on our planet. If you are seated in expanded love, you may very well move forward from there, and if you are seated in fear, fall more backwards from that point. Most light-workers and visionaries agree, this is a pivotal moment for our whole outer planet, and our personal inner planets. And if enough of us can be seated in expanded love, maybe we can flip this whole thing over. Anything can happen.

If you are moved by this piece, know that more offerings are coming. In the meantime, take the time to situate yourself in the appropriate space on and through the ecliptical portal on 4/8/2024. In profound love, Tracey.

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