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The Accidental Yogini Series


The Accidental Yogini Series follows the amazing stories of several different women after unexpected yoga practices transform their lives. These works of fiction are based on a combination of many different students with Dr. Tracey's own yogic journeys.


The Accidental Yogini

The follow-up to the Award-Winning book, The Accidental Yogini, we are introduced to another woman and her unique story of transformation through an unexpected yoga journey.


Coming 2024


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Love Initiation
Learning the Language of Soul

Co-Authored book by

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Tracey's Chapter:

Sacred Traveler

The Reciprocal Healing of Our Inner Planet with the World


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Tracey's books are available on in paperback and in some cases on kindle.

Tracey has some copies on hand for signed copy purchases.

Yoga Books:

Stories from the Yogic Heart

A fascinating compilation of 27 stories about how yoga has transformed the lives of Sharon Gannon, Sting, Tracey L. Ulshafer and many more.


Contact Tracey for an autographed copy instead of purchasing through Amazon.

Yoga in America

Stories, poems, essays and other inspiring works from the most ardent yoga teachers in America. 

Co-Authored by Tracey L. Ulshafer, who kicks off the book with her version of Yoga in America

To purchase, contact Tracey directly.

The Accidental Yogini

Kristin is living a life full of love and purpose that she had never imagined possible. But it wasn't always this way. There was a time when Kristin's life was defined by painful issues in her tissues, poor eating habits, and negative thought patterns. That's when Kristin finds herself on an unexpected journey of transformation through the practice of yoga. Kristin, not unlike many others, is The Accidental Yogini.

The Tia Brooks Trilogy:



While packing up her belongings and moving, an adult Tia Brooks stumbles across an old box that she had long forgotten about. Immediately she's transported to the summer of 1979 when she was thirteen years old when a sense of adventure is awakened within her. Just as the Butterfly represents transformation, so Tia is transformed in this delightful coming-of-age story.


Tia Brooks lives a perfectly satisfactory life. But when she finds herself In a tailspin from a breakup she realizes that something has been missing from her life. As begins to find herself she meets her animal spirit guide, the wolf. Wolf offers to lead Tia down a new path - one representing great change - and Tia faces the realization that perhaps there is more to life than just a satisfactory way of living.


Now 65 years old, Tia Brooks now enjoys retirement with spiritual practices that keep her centered and happy. When tragedy strikes, Tia finds herself examining a friendship and sisterhood that spanned three decades. Raven is a timeless tale of friendship, loss and acceptance. And as the raven symbolizes all things mystical, it beckons one to believe in the magic of life - in the now and the hereafter. 

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The storyteller is a major archetype of Tracey's. Since early days when she wrote plays for her elementary school friends to enact at recess, she's loved to entertain people with a good story. As a self-published author, she have written several books. 

The Accidental Yogini won several awards and recognitions including a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, International Book Award Finalist, American Fiction Award Finalist, and 5-Star Readers Favorite ratings. It is currently available on, Barnes & Noble, Lulu and other publishing sites in paperback and e-book formats.

The Accidental Yogini Book Series continues in the summer of 2023 with the anticipated coming of The Accidental Yogini: Padma, chronicling a new heroine's foray into yoga, resulting in more positive life transformations!

Dr. Tracey is available for book readings, signings, workshops and other events. Please reach out!

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