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The Earth Chakras

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Visit the Earth Chakras for a Healing Retreat!

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It began with traveling the globe at a young age. Interest in ancient civilizations peaked my interest even then. When I started learning about yoga and the Chakra system my inner world expanded exponentially. After years of internal and external discoveries, the idea of earth chakras, vortexes of energy in our planet, found me...or I found it. Either way, the marriage of two main interests blossomed into this beautiful documentary series, slowly premiering over the coming months. I invite you to come with me on a journey of discovery in The Earth Chakras.

~ Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer

The Earth Chakras documentary series can be viewed on the YouTube channel for Tracey Ulshafer

Introductory Road

Join Dr. Tracey as she discusses the road to the earth chakras, some background and history to set up the rest of our journey.

Road to the Earth Chakras

2nd Chakra: Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia

The magical land of the Incas boasts so much more than surface level tourist info. Dive into the waters of the 2nd chakra in Lake Titicaca

Tracey on Lake Titicaca

4th Chakra: Glastonbury, UK

Under the umbrella of the romance of Camelot & Christ Consciousness, we open to the energy of love for the earth's heart chakra.

Heart Center of the World

6th Chakra: Floating/Moveable

Our intuitive center - 3rd eye - is said to move about the planet. Learn about where it is currently located in the English Countryside, and so much more as we unlock our full human potential

World's 6th Chakra

Other Earth Chakras

Of course the 7 main chakras and their corresponding Earth Chakras are the most well-known today. But the fact is that the earth has many more chakras and power places...and we are just getting started discussing and visiting them!

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1st Chakra: Mt Shasta, CA, USA

Located in the Cascade Mountain Range in Northern California, Mt. Shasta is the home base of the world's root chakra. 

Tracey in Mt. Shasta, CA

3rd Chakra: Uluru & Kata Tjuta, Australia

The wild, Australian outback, where the sun's fiery rays shine endlessly is the reported location of the world's 3rd Chakra. 

Earth's 3rd Chakra

5th Chakra: Giza Plateau, Egypt

The most notable of the ancient cultures, primarily due to the massive communications they left us is explored for our throat chakra.

World Throat Chakra

7th Chakra: Mt. Kailash, Tibet

We began the journey with a mountain...and we end with a mountain - Mt. Kailash, Tibet. Home of The Dalai Lama, one of the holiest humans on our beautiful planet, we explore the spiritual center of the earth.

Earth's 7th Chakra Mt. Kailash
The Earth Chakras Docu-Series

The Earth Chakras Docu-Series

Bringing together everything that I love in a documentary series coming 2021/2022 titled "The Earth Chakras." Ancient Civilizations built along energy lines. Power places where rituals and ceremonies were carried out for eons exist around the globe along these lines. For 35 years I've been called to travel to many of these locations yet did not discover until recently that the earth has energy centers (just like us). Join me in an upcoming docu-series where we travel to the seven energy centers on the planet to discuss the energy alignment with trusted friends who live or have traveled extensively to these locales. You'll learn about the energy of the human chakras as well as the planetary vortexes and how they marry together. Everything is energy: Mama Earth * Humans * Animals * Plants * Elements * Spirit Through this unforgettable journey you'll discover ways to heal your own being as well as receive an unrelenting appreciation of all that is our incredible planet. There is so much more to learn and assimilate. I look forward to escorting you - here, virtually - and someday in the future literally, to some of my favorite places around the globe. Take a sneak-peek at the trailer! In love, service & wisdom, Rev. Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer, Leading Yoga Teacher, Travel Guru, Shamanic Practitioner, Seeker, Film Student (609) 931-8888 #chakras #leylines #ancientcivilizations #energyhealing #vortex #heartchakra
The Earth Chakras 2nd Chakra: Lake Titicaca

Introducing The Earth Chakras Passport

Once you travel with us to two of the Earth Chakra locations, you will receive your own passport to commemorate each visit to The Earth Chakras with One Yoga & Wellness and Dr. Tracey!

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