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The Earth Chakras

My Personal Journey through the Planet's Many Power Places

Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer's 2023 mapping of the major Earth Chakra centers.
The Earth Chakras by Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer

As Above - So Below, and so goes the Hermetic principle that whatever is in the heavens is mimicked in the earth - and whatever is in the earth is mimicked in our bodies. Thousands of years ago the ancient yogis developed a concise system of energy centers, mostly focused on being within the human body due to their preocupation with ascending the human condition. Today we understand that the number of "chakras," which in Sanskrit means wheel or disk, is quite possibly endless. Ask any metaphysical practitioner or visionary and he or she may have their own version of the number or location of chakras. Today with the speed and availability of information (and, dare we say what comes with it: misinformation), it is quite difficult to pinpoint with exact accuracy what is a finite number when it comes to the ever-expanding energetics of life. For now, let's agree that there are "a-lot."

Several years ago I began a study of "Earth Chakras," a phrase coined by visionary Robert Coon to focus on these same energy disks, but with the focus being on in the planet. Initially my focal point was on linking the properties of the seven chakras, as noted by the yogic path, to the seven main earth chakras. But as I soon disovered, this is but a gross oversimplification of the grandure of what are energy centers and the earth. In fact, the more I try to confine the energy centers of the earth to a human chakra model, the more profoundly I realize how all of these pockets of vital energy are linked together in such a bigger way. And yet, there is a pressing need within me to continue this work.

My documentary series with the same title, "The Earth Chakras," is available on my YouTube channel, and you will find lots of very cool information about these planetary power places. Much of it will even ring true for you. And then there's the plethora of other information that you cannot merely discard that might actually invalidate that say, Mt. Shasta is merely the planet's root chakra, when clearly the energy at Shasta not only requires complete prescense, but has the ability when one is completely rooted to drive the energy upward to the chakras well above the 7th, providing a landslide of downloads from the Universe.

As I said, many have their own theories about the chakra locations on the planet. But I do not know of many who have actually traveled to these locations to personally feel the energy of the planet there, and to determine, ultimately, if there can be a reciprocal healing benefit to the human person when working with intention at these spots. That is my focus. And while I haven't been everywhere yet, clearly its all on my list!

7 Planetary Earth Chakras

Robert Coon's extensive work on the earth chakras is astounding. I spent time collecting data from various sources about the seven planetary chakra locations, and still continue to come back to Coon's version as the most viable. He has written several books and offers a website with all of his work that I highly recommend anyone on this path of discovery check out. But for the purposes here, I'll submit a short description of each.

1st Chakra: Mt. Shasta, California, USA

Said to be the earth's root chakra, Mt. Shasta, located in Northern California, is a stunningly brilliant place. My experience of being in Shasta kept bringing me back to presence. It is nearly impossible to not be completely in the moment when here. This grounding presence is surely the energy of the 1st chakra. But as I said above, what I found astounding was that once you were able to be completely present, it opens up a whole other world of energy and information. To me it felt like the energy there anchored you into the earth, and then shot straight up through your chakras, out your crown, and into the Soul Star and Stellar Gateway Chakras. Here we have accesss to Askashic records and the ability to bring this information back with us. I believe this is why so many people have gone to Mt. Shasta and received downloaded information that they were able to pour out into channeled books and life works.

2nd Chakra: Lake Titicaca, Peru & Bolivia

The sacral center usually tends to be the most difficult one for most people to clear. There's lots of emotional baggage, trauma and sticky energy here in the human body. I have been to Peru six times as of 2023, but only once to the southern area at Lake Titicaca where I spent time all around this famous lake and into Tiwanaku, Bolivia. That trip, in particular, was a monumentally life-changing one. I not only felt put through the emotinal ringer, but through a purging and clearing of energy was able to realize many truths about my life and begin a seven year journey of releasing what was not serving my Highest Self. Each subsequent journey to Peru has proved to force me to look into different emotional aspects in my life. And when I guide others here, there are always these energetic emotional clearing opportunities that arise - and it is up to the person whether he or she wants to dive into them or squash them down as mere traveler's distress. Peru and Bolivia are challenging energies, just like the 2nd chakra in the human body.

3rd Chakra: Uluru & Kata Tjuta, Australia

In full transparency, I have not made it yet to Australia. My one regret in the documentary series is that I presented information without properly visiting the sites myself. I do, however, have many friends that I have met through travels that live in Australia and have visited or frequented these areas, so I interviewed a couple of them in the film. What I know about the solar plexus chakra is that it is the energy of the sun in our human body. It is this vitality that provides us with courage, stamina, and the ability to move forward and to push ourselves to our limits. What I can say about every person that I have met from Australia is that they are, without a doubt, energetic and confident. In fact, I've never met a more confident person than an Aussie on "walk-about" who's motto is "No worries, Mate." I will get to Australia one day. But until then I have a deep feeling that this place is significant to the vital life force of our entire planet.

4th Chakra: Glastonbury, United Kingdom

All of the English countryside is littered with standing stones, crop circles, and sacred sites. The most famous ley line on the planet, the St. Michael line, drives straight through this entire area, and carries with it so many power places it is quite astounding. But there's something about Glastonbury that is quite special. And, dare I say, it has a lot to do with that massive earth mound simply called "The Tor." When I went to Glastonbury, I literally couldn't sleep. I felt an invisible presence carry me everywhere that I went. Although I am a Revereand Doctor, I was not brought up Christian. Yet my experiences at Glastonbury pulled me into the center of Christ Consciousness in a way that I could have never imagined. Christ's love for all of mankind drove his ministry, and there is an incredible energy of love that swirls throughout the land. Since the fourth chakra is the middle one in the seven chakra model, working here has a way to heal all of the others. My experience of Glastonbury is just that - come here to understand what love really is, and then allow it to assist you in healing the other areas of your life.

5th Chakra: Giza Plateau, Sphinx, Egypt

Of the seven chakras, the fifth is probably the most misunderstood. Most people focus on the "speaking my truth" aspect, and fail to realize that the other side to that coin is the equal ability to listen to others preach their truth. In today's world where everyone has a soapbox through social media, we are collectively talking more than listening. And if we are to heal what ails our world, it is only going to be through a heavy dose of listening to the other sides and then, finding a truth and compromise somewhere in the middle. The other aspect to the throat chakra comes from its name "Vissudha," which in Sanskrit means "pure" or "purification." As the spiritual energy ascends upward through the expansive heart-center, it then has to funnel through the tiny shaft of Vissudha for purification. This is our internal truth filter, and it means that anything untrue must be detoxified here. Well, I surely had a detoxificaiton while in Egypt. In fact, I spent nearly two weeks unable to eat very much and losing at least 5-7 pounds, but not before swelling disproportionately to the size of a pregnant woman. In my first actitvation at the Philae Temple of Isis, I was given "mudras" of light and a new way of non-verbal communication. In my second activation at Edfu, the temple dedicated to Horus, I was nearly knocked out and, to this day, left quite speechless about what occured. In the land of hieroglyphic writing, where stories and spells are literally carved into the temple walls, it took me a month to be able to actually write down any of my own personal experiences. And even still, they are slow to come. I believe this is beacuse there are new ways of communication opening up, and I am still in the process of working with them.

6th Chakra: Moveable, currently Glastonbury/Shaftesbury, UK

In all of the Coon 7-chakra model, it is here that I take pause and debate the legitimacy of his vision. According to Coon, this chakra changes location every Aeon, which happens every 2.160 years, and usually corresponds to another chakra location. Currently the world's third-eye chakra of vision and intuition is said to be with Glastonbury, and I can see where this holds validity based on my experiences there that I previously mentioned. However, I can also see this powerful chakra energy in many other planetary power places. Does that validate that this is a moveable chakra? Perhaps. Or, does it pull into question that there is a better suited location for the 6th chakra? Maybe. Basically, my internal jury is still out on this, and it remains a high priority item for my discovery.

7th Chakra: Mt. Kailash, Tibet

Of our 7 chakra model, aside from the 3rd chakra, Tibet is the only other location that I have yet to visit. Since the pandemic of 2020, Tibet has continued a strict visitation ability which has precluded me from being able to visit. I did spend time in India, but not at the base of the Himalayas, so while I was close, I cannot speak of direct energy currents in Tibet. If we are to broaden our lense a bit and consider all of India, however, we can quickly see the exorbidant amount of spiritual energy exuding from the entire area. Mt. Kailash holds the nickname "the stairway to heaven," and the purpose of the crown chakra is one's connection from the physical being to the heavens and our spiritual being. If I were to say that there was one area in the world that held the gold medal for spiritual life, it would be of India, and therefore the Himalayas/Tibet. For me, this is an easy connection, yet I still long to visit Tibet personally and note the energy completely.

Other Planetary Chakras

My research continues. It would be too soon to dive into everything about the other planetary chakras. However, I can say that some major ones that I am connecting to are: Bali, Indonesia, Haleakala Crater, Hawaii, Rapa Nui, Angkot Wat, Mt. Fuji, Japan, Moscow and Table Mountain, South Africa. Yes, there are more. And yes, there will be more travel. Right now what I am excited about is sharing my passion for The Earth Chakras and all things healing with others on my various upcoming Earth Chakra Healing Retreats. These are constantly forming and evolving, just like energy itself. So if you feel called, subscribe to my website on my home page, and visit the "Events" page often. There are links to join any of my tours with me, and if you have any questions, you can always reach out to me directly for more information. For your easy reference, see the link below.

Upcoming Events, including Earth Chakra Retreats:

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