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Chakra Sequencing Training

Chakras each have their own rhythm, quality and pranic energy

Chakras can be linked to our muscles and body systems

Chakras are aligned to elements & elemental energies

Chakras are the keys to harmonizing & healing

Join Rev. Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer for an exploration into Chakra Sequencing where you will be provided with 10 video modules, equalling just about 12 hours, to watch and practice with to understand the unique energy alchemy of the chakras...'s easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1: Complete the videos to understand how to sequence and instruct yoga classes driving specific energy into your classes to create energy flow through the chakras as well as practicing them to embody these energies

Videos included:

  1. OYC Sequencing for Yoga Teachers - based on the Hatha Yoga Krama approach (1:00:29)

  2. Chakra Talk - Vayu, Guna & Tala (26:45)

  3. 1st Chakra Hatha Yoga Class (1:07:22)

  4. 2nd Chakra Hatha Yoga Class (1:11:34)

  5. 3rd Chakra Hatha Yoga Class (1:12:00)

  6. 4th Chakra Hatha Yoga Class (1:10:26)

  7. 5th Chakra Hatha Yoga Class (1:13:26)

  8. 6th Chakra Hatha Yoga Class (1:11:40)

  9. 7th Chakra Hatha Yoga Class (1:10:47)

  10. Chakra Balancing Hatha Yoga Class (1:04:12)

Step 2: Create your own chakra sequence and submit it for evaluation. Either upload your class to your YouTube channel and provide us with the link, or send us your video file to review.  

Step 3: The final steps to receive your 15-hour certificate for CEU's on Chakra Sequencing is to complete our quiz.


Successful completion of both of these components will provide you with a certificate of completion for 15 CEU hours.

Let's Get Started!!!

* Once you purchase the lessons, you will be granted access to another page with the full content! If you have any issues, contact us at

Chakra Sequencing Training


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