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Yoga Classes

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Purchase a class pass through our online "Store" here on the website and we will send you an emailed link to join our Zoom classroom.


Once you have the link, you just drop in!

We will check off your card from there.

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You can also email us at Info@OneYogaCenter.net and we can send set up payment and links to any of our classes.


Fill out the waiver form

near the bottom of this page.


Many classes are now open for in-studio practice.



Click the button below to reserve your spot with us inside.


Check your email for a confirmation.

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Spaces by Wix app and using it for easy scheduling and management of your classes and purchases with us.

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Yoga Class Schedule

All of our classes are Live-streamed & available virtually.

Many classes available for in-studio participation. See details above.

Which Class is Right for Me?

Regularly practicing yoga has many benefits. From increased focus to heightened flexibility, we all benefit differently from yoga. Have a look at the classes I teach throughout the week to see what works for you.

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga classes are designed to assist the student with relaxing techniques such as gentle guided stretching, deep breathing techniques and meditation pathways. Beginners, those with injuries or limitations, and anyone who just wants to slow down will love these classes.

Hatha Yoga - All Level

Our signature yoga classes are Hatha oriented, where we balance the energies of sun/moon, male/female and yin/yang. With emphasis on both stretching and strengthening as well as proper yogic breathing techniques, these classes allow the beginner through the intermediate student to work at his or her own pace, gradually building a practice slowly and mindfully.

Vinyasa Yoga (Flow)

For those more athletically inclined, Vinyasa classes offer a bit of a fitness edge, while keeping with traditional yogic elements. Repetitive flowing movements give a challenge to the classes that build inner strength and stamina.

Chair Yoga

For those who find it difficult to get down on the floor or want to learn to stretch in a chair at work or home, this is the perfect class.

Bring yoga to your work or home with on-site programs. These can be virtual or in person. Contact us for more information.

On-Site Yoga

The practice of stilling the mind has many pathways. Meditation can be breath oriented, guided, moving and even gazing. These are all level classes for any type of experience.


Yoga at Home

Class Price List

(Purchase on Store Page)


Drop-in $20

6-Class Pass $85

10-Class Pass $130

Monthly Unlimited $135

Senior 10-Class $110 (65+)

The Vault

The Vault contains pre-recorded yoga classes available by paid monthly subscription to our community.

Unlocking The Vault gives you access to previous gems like our signature Hatha Yoga classes, spiritually themed and progressively sequenced so that you can work at your own pace.


If you are new to One Yoga & Wellness Center, please fill out the Studio Health Wavier form to the right.


This is required before attending any virtual or in-studio classes.

YOGA STUDIO Health Waiver

in order to attend classes, please fill out this studio waiver

Do you have a doctor’s permit to participate in intense physical activities?
Have you lost your consciousness in the last past 12 months?

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