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Yoga Teacher Training

* Share the Gifts of Yoga with Others
* Deepen Your Practice


Rev. Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer

Founder & CEO

I began the new decade (2000) as a 500-hour trained yoga teacher and certified massage therapist and have spent every moment since immersed in the practices that have helped heal and shape my life, in order to service my community and help others to heal their own lives. True healing comes from within and as far as I know, yoga is the oldest self-development program in the world. My practice has changed over the years. Now that I am in my 50's I feel a calling to teach others the meditative, calming aspects of the practice. In our world today that is what we need most. I welcome complete beginners to my classes as well as offer private instruction by appointment.

To view available group yoga classes, go to the "Yoga Classes" page on this website.

To view upcoming live classes, head to the Events page.

For more information on my yoga teacher trainings, see the "Trainings" on this website.


One Yoga and Wellness Center has been offering Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2003. Our teachers continue to receive praise for their skills. Different than many studios, founder Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer continues to conduct all of the training programs personally, so the contact hours with her offer a unique mentoring experience in which to develop you as a yoga teacher. 

Two programs of study:

200 hour & 500 hour


200 hour program

This program is the nuts & bolts of teaching yoga. We discuss yoga postures, breathing techniques, mudras, mantras, meditations, western anatomy, eastern philosophy, sequencing and more. The conclusion of this 6-month program ensures that you can teach an all level Hatha Yoga class safely to all levels of students.

Our final 200 hour training is coming Fall 2021 - do not miss it!

Gyan Mudra

500 hour program

This program is an extension of the 200 hour program. Once you have that accreditation, you can continue your program of study with Tracey in the 300 hour course, broken down into two separate modules: Module 1: Creating Balance or the "Chakra" self-development module and Module 2: The Five Types of Yoga, diving deeper into your understanding of this immense practice with a mentoring module to bring out your authentic teacher.

Upcoming Trainings


200 hour program

Bring One Yoga Center's curriculum to your school or location. Email us to discuss!


Advanced Training (500)

Module 1: The famous "Chakra" module will begin September 2022 in Hightstown, NJ

Pre-Registration a MUST!



Custom mentoring available with Tracey for 200 hour certified yoga teachers looking to enhance his/her skills but not wanting to commit fully to the 500 hour program

Online Recorded Trainings

Take Anytime - Anywhere

Chakra Sequencing Training

Pranic Energy Alchemy 

Enhance your teaching skills by learning the energy alchemy behind yoga postures, breathing techniques, mudras and meditations; along with a sequencing model that can be used for any of your classes. 


Yoga Anatomy

Muscles & More

Learning anatomy can feel like another language, and if you don't use it, you can lose it. This course can be used as a refresher or help you understand the basics of muscles and movements to enhance your yoga teacher skills or for students to take the practice to the next level.


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