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Tracey's Offerings

We are all on the path of self-discovery, self-mastery and reclaiming our sovereign divinity. To assist you along your personal journey on the path, Dr. T has developed many offerings that have assisted her on her own journey. In reciprocity for any free offerings, kindly leave a positive comment on any appropriate social media outlets.

In Love, Service, Wisdom and Beauty.

Guyan Mudra Above Head

Since 2000 Dr. Tracey Ulshafer has pursued many somatic therapies, helping teach others holistic practices that have helped her heal her own life. 


Amassing a wealth of knowledge in all things energy, Dr. Tracey now offers the following by appointment:

  • Massage Therapy & Thai Yoga Bodywork

  • Integrated Quantum Reiki & Beyond Energy Healing

  • Energy Clearing Sessions and Workshops

  • Mentoring for navigating through today's energies

  • Yoga Classes, Workshops and Trainings

  • Interactive Cards of AN (11:11 Cards) Readings

  • Ministry Services

  • Retreats



The Accidental Yogini

& Other Books

by Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer

The Earth Chakras Documentary Series on Planetary Power Places

Earth Chakras

Tracey's Documentary Series on Planet Power Places

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The Quantum Healer

TV Show on all things Healing


Events & Retreats

Workshops, Retreats, Trainings & Pop-Up Classes


The Vault

Online Pre-Recorded Yoga Classes

Bodywork and Healing with Tracey, Thai Bodywork, Quantum Healing, Reiki, Energy Clearing with Tracey


Thai Bodywork, Quantum Healing, Reiki, Energy Clearing

Private Yoga, Virtual Yoga classes, Pre-recorded yoga classes, and yoga trainings


Private, Virtual & Pre-Recorded Classes & Trainings

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Weddings, Baby Namings, Rituals & Other Events


Card Readings

11:11 Cards of AN &

Angel Card Readings

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Tracey's new blog (2023)

Fitness Video

Blogger Blog

Tracey's old Yoga Blog



Online Courses

Pre-Recorded Workshops & Courses for Purchase

Book with Dr. Tracey Here:

  • An integrated modality of massage therapy with emphasis on trouble spo...

    85 US dollars
  • Channeled energy healing and/or clearing with Rev. Dr. Tracey

    108 US dollars
  • Traditional Thai Massage to open energy channels through compression a...

    108 US dollars
  • Receive Dr. Tracey's wisdom with over two decades of teaching yoga to ...

    125 US dollars
  • Chat with Dr. Tracey online to see what service can assist you with wh...

  • Have a wedding or other important event coming up and want to book Rev...

  • The Cards of AN were developed to assist us in moving through the chal...

    111 US dollars
  • Have a Cards of AN Reading remotely!

    111 US dollars

Contact Dr. T

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Dr. Tracey's YouTube Channel

From the Earth Chakras Documentary Series to One-Minute Meditations, Energy Messages and other Yoga and Travel related content, check out the growing number of videos - SUBSCRIBE to the channel - we need to make it to 1000 subscribers to load new offering availability on YouTube.

Tracey Ulshafer

Tracey Ulshafer