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Decoding Egypt — a Personal Journey, part 2: Awakening the Goddess

Tracey's Travel Guide to the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt, Our Past and Our Future

Isis and Osiris
The Goddess, Isis

Decoding Egypt, a Personal Journey

Well known are the myths and stories of the gods of ancient Egypt. Many years ago when I was decorating my office, a local store had large recreated statues of various Egyptian gods and motifs. I purchased the cat goddess, Bast, the writer, Thoth, a bust of Nefertiti, Anubis sitting on a coffin, and, of course, the bust of King Tutankhamun's funerary headdress. Along with those, I found some papyrus of Isis that I hung on the wall. Over the years I gathered more Egyptian items for the collection, and they've been with me in my office wherever it has moved. I suppose you could say, they are a part of my work, partially guiding and inspiring me when I create there. They've become such a part of my background that I don't even notice them most of the time.

Enter Egypt, where the temples are most defeinitely alive, and the deities are quite direct about engaging with you.

Awakening the Goddess Within

Sitting along the banks of the Nile River in Aswan is a sacred temple dedicated to the goddess, Isis. Our group was graciously granted a very exclusive private trip to Philae in the early morning hours. Coming upon the temple from the Nile at dawn is a spectacular site. As opposed to the hot, dry climate at Giza, Aswan's climate is, well, hot and wet! Egypt is hot, guys — literally Africa hot. But there's something about being on the water that shifts the feeling here from a masculine to a feminine energy. Water is life. Before we came into the world we sat inside our mother's womb encased in the loving embrace of the embryoinic fluid. There is a sense of traveling by motorboat to Philae of being back in the womb, this time of the Mother Goddess.

Exclusive time at Philae, Temple of Isis, along the banks of the Nile
Philae, Temple of Isis

Now, I've done a lot of goddess work over the years. Like, a lot, a lot of goddess work. I am not a stranger to her. Yet, I found myself called to shift for the past several years, doing different and very important unification work. I found that the more people screamed that the divine feminine was rising, retaking her place above the divine masculine, the more I needed to remind everyone that our next true evolutionary cycle will only begin once there is a balance of masculine and feminine. I still believe this to be true.

Inside the temple there are several small rooms. Her sanctuary, located straight back from the entryway of the great hall decorated with many columns, beckons one to move inward. Seated in the middle of the room is a pedestal where a sacred barge and statue of Isis would have sat. By intentionally walking into this space, you are re-entering the womb.

View of the sanctuary of Isis in the temple of Philae
Isis' inner sanctuary in Philae

We sat in darkness here, our group, with intentions of connecting to Isis for a rebirthing of our soul. Our guide had mentioned that many people over the years had experienced direct contact with Isis here in Philae. Because of all my previous work, I was sure that I would not. I found a spot on the floor near the right side of the pedestal and closed my eyes. Around me were the sounds of chanting, singing, crying, and bellowing, as my fellow travelers began their own journeys. I took several deep breaths, pushing aside the overwhelming heat and perspiration dripping down, clinging my clothes to my body like Saran wrap. I felt my body begin to sway and move, loosening up and releasing tension. Mumbling star language barely audible, suddenly and without warning, she came.

The eyes of the goddess stared me down. I could not make out any other part of her form, but the undeniable feminine eyes smiling with a confidence, yet a stern look that only a mother could give. What I received was a strong talking to for shirking my duties as a priestess. I'd moved away from a part of my inner being that always has been a practitioner of magical arts who performs rituals to invoke healing and who guides others to learn the same skills. Our telepathic conversation continued as she reminded me who I was and that I had been here before too, in Philae, as a Priestess of Isis, and if I were to move myself forward in any way to align my being with my Highest Self, I needed to reclaim this aspect. But it was not just for myself, but the piece of guiding and helping others that was most urgent, as the world is more assuredly in need of people to help teach others how to elevate their own energy.

As this was going down, I had in my purse pocket the prayer bundle to death, invoked with Nephthys, the sister of Isis. I took the bundle out of my purse and held it in my hands.

Isis, Nephthys, assist me in helping others move out old energy that has overlived its time in their life and on our planet. I am the vessel carrying the wishes of so many, including myself, and I ask that you help me transform those words into reality.

My knowing that came from the goddess was that I must go into the sanctuary of Osiris, brother-husband of Isis, lover of Nephthys, and ruler over the underworld and the dead. I stood up and walked in the near darkness into his sanctuary where many others were also moving about or sitting in their own experience. But the energy here was quite difference than being in the mother's womb of Isis' sanctuary. This room was dark and slightly cooler, unknown and a little scary at first. I found a spot along the far wall to lean against as I connected with Osiris.

Osiris, hear my plea. Help to move these prayers of what needs to die out of the here and now. Assist what is dying to leave the people and the planet. We give thanks for all the lessons that we have learned through the many challenges that these things have brought. But it is time to go. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Was it Osiris that heard my pleas? Was it the goddess in her multi forms? I do believe it was all of these things, because at that moment I felt the energy of the heaviness in that prayer bundle release, and just like that, it was complete.

I left the sanctuary of Isis and went outside where one of the men from Egyptian antiquities who had escorted us to Philae awaited. He motioned for me to stand in a spot and took my phone to take my picture. He motioned for me to move about, and what burst forth was a whole new form of star or light language through my hands. I was amazed that he seemed to understand that I needed to do this, and that he needed to capture it on film, especially since things like this are usually forbidden at the temples. Without anyone else around, this man captured the awakening, or better said, re-awakening of the goddess within me. This was my experience at what I lovingly refer to as the "Philae Sweatlodge."

Star or Light Language in Mudra form came from a private experience in Philae temple
Tracey in Philae, Temple of Isis, Aswan, Egypt. Notice the energetic "halo" around the head.

Awakening the Dyad — and More

Decoding Egypt, Awakening the Goddess. Well, let's also go deeper to explain the aspect of the dyad. A dyad is what it is called when two deities function as one. Isis and Nephthys are a very well-known dyad called "The Two Ladies." Although they seem to have opposing traits, in their unifying form they are one, complete. After my "attunement" in Philae, I began to wonder who it was that I had actually encountered. At first I told people it was Isis. She is the main figure of Philae where the Cult of Isis flourished at the end of the New Kingdom era. Yet Nephthys, or Nebet-Het, her Egyptian name, translates to "Lady of the Temple." In the book Lady of the Temple - Ancient Hymns for Nephthys, Chelsea Lewellen Bolton says that an alternate name for duat (the underworld or world of the dead) is Amenti, from the goddess Amentet, Lady of the West, goddess of sunset, night, deceased and underworld. She continues, "Amenti is a title and manifestation of the Goddesses Aset (Isis), Hethor (Hathor), Nebet Het (Nephthys) and Nut," says Bolton.

Hmm, wait. Now we are talking about four goddesses manifest as one. But guess what? It just goes deeper.

Bolton, in her book She Who Speaks Through Silence: An Anthology for Nephthys, shows how Nebet-Het can by syncretized with other goddesses, namely: Eye of Ra goddess, Seshat (goddess of writing), Nit (goddess of hunting, war, and creation), Anuket (goddess of the Nile), Hathor, Tefnut (daughter of Ra), Serqet (goddess of healing and protection often depicted with scorpion), Sopdet (lady of life of two lands), and Akhet (Celestial Cow). As I read through these many goddesses, another theme began to emerge — that of the lioness.

Goddess Sekhmet in Karnak

Several common references with respect to Nit, Hathor, Uraeus/Eye of Ra, and Tefnut, mention them each as being a "fierce lioness." And this brings me to Sekhmet, the Egyptian lion-headed goddess whose name means "She who is Powerful." Sekhmet is associated with the sun, war and destroyer of enemies, and healing. She is a warrior goddess who came to earth to assist humanity.

In the Gaia TV show 7 Levels Below Giza, a link to ancient Sumerian text is mentioned. Here the text talk about the Urma, lion-headed extraterrestrails whose job it was to protect life on earth, went to war with the Anuna (really not sure of spelling) for us. They state that the Urma can be seen in the Sphinx and Sekhmet. In Edfu temple, inscribed on the walls it tells of a battle between Set and Osiris, where lion-headed warriors assist Osiris, and goes further to say that when Atlantis finally fell, only Sekhmet stayed here on earth due to her commitment and dedication.

There has always been discussions about the gods in various pantheons being linked to extraterrestrials. It makes sense as they are always portrayed as coming down from the sky, riding in the sky, or living in the heavens. I am one that believes we are saying the same thing, just talking different languages. And since our government so kindly and descretely divulged the truth that extraterrestrial life does, in fact, exist, this opens up many more doors for us to probe through. But what strikes me most is this feminine lion energy that consistantly comes up and links back to very, very ancient times, perhaps a time of pre-humanity.

There are many that believe today, a time said to be the end of duality, when a New Reality or New Earth is emerging, that a race of lion-headed beings are here or coming here to assist humanity, once again. Starseeds who work with star races and systems say that the lion beings come from the Sirius star system and intercede at crucial times to assist humanity. We can easily find the time we are living now a crucial time, one when their assistance is very much needed.

Decoding Egypt — Awakening the Goddess Within to Assist Humanity

Some say that the Sphinx has been under a spell, and that when it awakens, it can assist humanity in awakening to the 5th dimension. Graham Hancock in Message of the Sphinx says, "The Sphinx is considered an eternal god...where amnesia ensnared it and it fell into an enchanted sleep." Whether the Sphinx is male or female or androgynous is debatable, and perhaps not even relevant today. I won't get into how I know (wink, wink), but efforts to awaken her has already begun. When I walked away from the Sphinx enclosure, I looked up and her eyes appeared to be opening. My feeling was that she is awakening, but just like anyone who rouses after a prolonged time of being unwell and unconscious, she needs time to fully regenerate and embody her full lioness qualities.

In the meantime, I always ask what I can do, and so maybe you can ask what you can do? Start by seeing if you have already aligned to Egypt, the goddess, and the lions. Do you own a cat? Is there a lion statue at your home? Do you find yourself dreaming of Egypt? Just as the ancient Egyptians kept cats close, protecting their homes and temples, perhaps we should seek to bring them into our spaces.

I am tempted to say that we should embrace the divine feminine more in our lives and find ways to work with that energy and bring it in. But I feel that the time to do this connecting work has come and gone — you are either there or not. For those who find themselves aligned, it is most certainly the time to stand up. What do you have to offer humanity at this time? How can you help and serve our world? This was my message in Philae, when I was scolded by the Mother. Was it Isis, Nebet-Het, Sekhmet, another feminine being, or all of them? Well, the later is what I believe, as they are all just different aspects of the feminine.

I have always had dogs. I am a dog mom. But my first idol was Bast, later called Bastet, and she's always watched over me and my home. Now she, along with my new alabaster Sekhmet statue, purchased in Luxor, are a part of me and my intentions to assist humanity through this chaotic time of change that we find ourselves in. I'm still figuring out the how's, but I believe writing and sharing these experiences are a part of that work.

Continue with me on a journey of discovery in Decoding Egypt, a Personal Journey for my next installment, part 3.

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