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"Cards of AN" - 11:11 Cards

The ultimate interactive tool for assisting you in living a True Life. Developed by visionary of the 11:11, Solara Anani, this card deck is like no other. You will be introduced to energy from the Ultra Greater Reality, that is here to assist you in moving from duality-based confines, and towards Oneness. Each reading is unique and deeply transformational.

Why Have a Reading with Tracey?

Since 2000, Tracey has  been teaching others how to live holistically. With a yogic background and as an Interfaith Minister and Reverend Doctor, her advice and mentoring comes with years of combined wisdom. In addition to the amassed knowledge, Tracey recently finished a Master Class with Solara, and continues to work with her to assist in anchoring in the New Reality here on our beautiful planet. 

The time has never before been better to align with the energies that assist in moving from duality to Oneness. And the Cards of AN are one of the best tools to assist you today in your life. So whether you are struggling on your path or aligned, reach out for this new and true offering!

(Pictures: Tracey with Solara & Emanaku at The Heart of AN in Sacred Valley, Peru)



I have had a Cards of An reading multiple times with Tracey, whether it was individual or a group read. Each time it has been truly remarkable and insightful. The clarity and the relevance that the cards provide and the way Tracey weaves their meaning together feels like magic unfolding before your eyes. I work with my own oracle cards on a regular basis, but the way the Cards of An present themselves to you and how Tracey tunes in to guide you through the read, takes you on a very personal journey through your inner workings, consciousness and opens your eyes to reveal more of your life’s path.


I have done 3 Cards of An Reading through the years with Tracey and I am always blown away by how the readings provide an illuminating mirror to reveal who I am, and provide clues about where I am going and who I am becoming. The readings helps me put my story into a greater context and extract life lessons, wisdom, and self-awareness.


I have had a individual card reading with the cards of An with Tracey and all I can say is that it was absolutely outstanding! The awareness and clarity that it gave me helped me in so many ways. I would recommend everyone should have an experience with these cards and with Tracey to see how truly validating and insightful and revealing it can be!


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