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11:11 - The Truth of Who We Are

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

I can't remember the first time I noticed 11:11 on my cell phone or anywhere else. But I do remember that it had become such a normal everyday occurrence, that I knew it was something extraordinary.

People told me to make a wish and I read that it was an angel number, meaning that angels were hovering around me and that seeing 11:11 was a good sign or a sign that I was on the right path. Of course this all sounded good, but I still felt that there was a deeper meaning to these Master Numbers.

In Numerology, the study of numbers, 11 is said to be a "Master" number. So instead of breaking it down to a single digit, like 57 = 5 + 7 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3 (get it?), 11 keeps its vibrational resonance and does not break down to 1 + 1 = 2. Numerologists had a purpose for this, of course, and to them 11 has an Illumination, Higher Path and revelations and breakthroughs through Intuition. And yet, I still felt that there was more.

So it was not by accident that I came to Peru in 2015 and met Solara Anani, the Visionary of the 11:11 doorway, although our initial meeting was a synchronistic event that I have talked much about. What I can say is that at the time of this meeting, I had captured 108 screen shots of seeing 11:11 that year alone on my phone. Most people in yoga circles understand the significance of 108 being a highly spiritually charged number of expansion and blessings. So, I saw this as a confirmation that the meeting and subsequent work that I would do with Solara had a deep and profound significance in my life.

She calls 11:11 a "pre-encoded trigger, placed in our cellular memory banks at the time of our descent into matter, signifying that our time of completion is upon us." Wow! That is a lot. I spent the next seven years unraveling my life and trying to understand just what this all meant. And when the massive reset that occurred in 2020 happened (let's call it the pandemic), I realized that time was of the essence in getting to the bottom of things. Clearly, we have moved into an accelerated pathway where time and space and the divisions between them are dissolving. We cannot remember what we did last week or last month because it seems both eons away and like it never even happened at all! Everything is different. And yes, nothing will ever be the same again.

But, we have an opportunity to take advantage of the time that we are living in. We can move into a greater timeline, one that aligns to Oneness and eternal, timeless true love. Or, we can continue on the timeline of duality, the one that is seeing massive cracks and breakdowns. It took me 7 years to prepare myself for this shift, but I finally feel ready and able to make the jump. As always, I am here to help others make the jump as well.

Our remembrance is at hand, True Ones. Awaken and get ready to Become who you were always meant to be!

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