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Prayer to Death with the Egyptian Goddess Nephthys

Egypt has been calling me since I can remember. Like many others, I became enamored with the culture in grade school when we first learned about the pyramids and their hieroglyphic writings. As I matured, I gathered Egyptian re-created art and many books that I knew I would some day read. And then, finally, the day came. Egypt was booked, and the looming massive travel that I'd spent a lifetime building up was right around the corner.

So much was happening at this time in my life and on our planet. My continued work with the group from around the world who come together to assist in shifting timelines on earth was corresponding to my return home from Egypt - I literally had a four day turnaround to get back on a plane to Peru for what we were calling "final" AN-TAWA ceremonies. The realization that the very first 11:11 doorway activation occurred in Egypt on the Giza Plateau thirty years prior to me landing in the exact same spot pre-final ceremonies, felt, well nothing short of epic.

Synchronicities happen to show us when we are on the right path, when energy is in alignment, and when its significant enough of a moment that we need to take notice. The Universe was screaming at me. This is maybe the moment you've been waiting for to do what you came here to do. It was a little bit of pressure, but I felt up to the task.

One morning as I was preparing for my trips, I received an email from Steve Nobel, a UK visionary who I follow that inspires "Starseeds" to awaken to their purpose on the planet of assisting at this chaotic time of transition. He speaks the same language as my Peruvian group led by Solara, visionary of the 11:11 doorway, so when things come in from him, I take note. On this day he was sending a newly recorded transmission called, "Goddess Isis and Goddess Nephthys Transmission: Protection Both Day & Night."

Wait, who is Nephthys?

Of course I was quite familiar with the Goddess Isis. All of my years studying and practicing ceremonies and rituals with goddess energy had brought me time and time again to this famous goddess. She is known as a Priestess of Magic and has a significant following around the world. But Nephthys? I'd never come across her name. So after listening to the transmission from Steve Nobel, I began to dig into this goddess. She was calling me, and it felt quite important.

Depiction of the goddess Nebet-Het. Her most distinct difference between she and Isis is the hat she wears on her head.
Nephthys or Nebet Het

Nephthys, as it turns out, is the sister of Isis. I was stunned to learn that this significant goddess had been relegated to being called "forgotten" by many. More than holding empathy for her, I became nearly obsessed with understanding who she was, because I felt it was significant to what I was there to do.

Known as the "Lady of the House," Nephthys is a sister-wife to Set, who is the brother of Isis, Osiris , Horus, and Nephthys. Isis and Osiris's love affair is highly known. Nepththys and Set, however, not so much. This may be because Set is considered the dark or "evil" brother who's jealousy over Osiris led to his dismembering him and spreading him throughout Egypt into 14 pieces. We know that Isis set to collect and assemble him back together. What we do not often hear about was that Nephthys was an equal part with Isis in this endeavor. In fact, Nephthys (let's actually start calling her by her real Egyptian name: Nebet-het) was in love with Osiris, and although she never had any children with Set, in another story, gave birth to Anubis through an affair with Osiris. Apparently Isis was cool with this. Or was she? Perhaps she is the cause of the loss of knowledge of her sister. But that's a thought for another day.

Nebet-Het is an integral part of Egyptian funeral rites. She is found, with Isis, in tombs and the black vulture, also a symbol of death, is the animal associated with her. If Isis is known as the sun and the sunrise, Nebet-het is known as the night and sunset. It is said that she and Isis function as a dyad, two dieties that act as one. And in the Egyptian Book of the Dead she is referred to as the "East Wind" when opening up the sky for the deceased, and compared to the Afterlife iteself in the Pyramid Texts. Nebet-Het, also known as the "Lady of the Tomb," is the goddess of the buriel who assists the departed in transitioning between life to death and death to life and also comforts and cares for those who are left behind to grieve the dead.

Death = goddess Nephthys/Nebet-Het

Papyrus painting of Osiris with his sister-wife Isis, followed by sister Nephthys or Nebet-Het
Osiris, Isis & Nebet-Het

There's no other way to say it, and why should we: Nebet-Het is the goddess of the dead in all manners of the word. To me, and the ancient Egyptians, death is but a transitory time as energy shifts to another form or dimension. How sacred and significant is it that this goddess holds space for this incredibly important time? And yet, she is somewhat "forgotten." I also believe that people today, who have much difficulty talking about death, would rather forget it, and thus her, and focus on the new beginnings that a goddess like Isis brings. Yet, for me, it felt like Nebet-Het held the missing piece for my trip to Egypt.

Our "Final" AN-TAWA ceremonies, to remove duality from the planet and assist human beings in transitioning into the New Reality/New Timeline/New Earth was looming. But before I would attend, I was heading to Egypt. Nebet-Het's energy had been placed in my awareness for a reason: to assist humanity in our transition, in the dying of duality, but in reverence and with love.

The Prayer Bundles

As I was coming to understand her essence, I received a notification from the people conducting our Egypt tour that we would be carrying a precious prayer bundle throughout Egypt and would represent all the energy that we were collectively putting into the trip and the book that we were writing together and giving birth to. They were assembling the bundle, and we would each have an opportunity to hold it throughout our trip.

The proverbial lightbulb went off in my brain, and I instinctively knew that I needed to prepare another prayer bundle, one for what was dying and leaving the planet, one that Nebet-Het would assist me in carrying through the sacred places in Egypt, and quite possibly, releasing there.

I shared this with one of the group leaders, and she was more than open to assisting me with holding this space. So I sent out a call to my beloved family and One Yoga community that anyone who was needing assistance in releasing something - a bad habit, negative energy, duality - they could write a short description and I would carry it in the prayer bundle. I also felt called to carry any names of people who had left the planet, along with their transition date. Requests came in from many people, and I assembled everything in a list for the prayer bundle, which I also prepared ceremoniously on the day of the Autumn Equinox along with Egyptian incense, various crystals to assist with the energy of honoring what was dying and leaving, my personal sentiments for my own life and for the world and the work that was to continue with my group in Peru, and an invocation to the goddess Nebet-Het.

The bundle was wrapped in cloth, tied, and sealed with an Ankh, the Egyptian key of life. I carried the prayer bundle with me as we visited The Sphinx pre-dawn and encircled the Giza Plateau, known as the Rostau, or place more noble than any other place. Rostau not only represents the ground upon which the pyramids rest, but also the ground beneath them, leading to the underworld. She moved on the Nile River through Aswan and into Philae, the Temple of Isis, where our group had the unique privilege of not only privately visiting, but experiencing a unique healing in the dark of the temple's womb.

I cannot fully express what happened during this event inside Philae, other than to say that the Goddess came and spoke quite directly to me. She scolded me for shirking my duties as a Priestess before activating within me powerful mudras for moving energy. I had the distinct feeling that I had experienced the dyad of Isis/Nebet-Het in the temple, and that she had activated a unification of light and dark within me that would empower me in the work that I would do moving forward.

I felt the prayers to death were complete, so I released the prayer bundle into the Nile River at sunset.
Tracey moments after releasing the Death Prayer Bundle into the Nile River

The next day I felt that all of the prayers put into the Death Prayer Bundle had been heard. I felt like the work was complete. And I knew that I needed to release the bundle in the Nile river. I asked Cloanne, who was holding the space of the ancestors for our group, to join me in releasing the bundle at Sunset on October 6th. I watched the bundle float, and then disappear out of site as our boat slowly drifted away.

* * * * * * * * * * *

As if I needed more convincing of my connection with Nebet-het, I considered my constant comfortability with death throughout my life, including my interest in assisting others in crossing over at the moment of death (I am still seeing how this fits into my life in a real way). In June when I witnessed the black vulture that I had spent the day with die to a Floridian alligator, I knew that the bird's presence had many meanings, but had no idea the relationship to Nebet-Het at the time. My favorite time of day is Sunset and always has been. Some can't wait to get up and watch the sun rise, offering new beginnings. But there is something so sweet, calming and comfortably melancholy about sunset. And then there is Anubis, the "go between" this world and the next. As the son of Nebet-Het, I feel a strong bond between my beloved Bodhi and I here that is quite undeniable.

Now that I am home, I am still processing all that occurred in both Egypt and Peru and all my planetary power place travel, activations and ceremonies. The strange thing for a writer is that in Philea when the mudras were activated by the goddess, it marked a shift in verbal to non-verbal communication. I felt a distinct need to be quiet and instead of share, listen. I am still feeling this quite deeply in my being, so sharing what I have is actually a monumental task.

I also feel, quite surely, that I am walking between worlds. Sometimes I wonder if I am walking through a dream, and cannot wait to go back to sleep. Much of the "real" world seems dull and lifeless - untrue. I am somehow managing to get things done, but very much feeling like the shifts that I have worked to assist with have already happened, and just the rest of the world is moving sluggishly through them.

My prayer to death with the Egyptian goddess Nephthys - Nebet-Het, I feel was a success. I know that she heard everyone's prayers, and that she continues to assist us in transitioning through what is dying, with love and reverence. I've already sorted it out within me. Now I need to figure out how to move myself through the outer world with the same level of success. But then, isn't that the task of us all?

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