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Shift Happens

In my recent May newsletter I shared the following message:

“Yet for some of us, there is an even more pressing energy to make the big changes in our lives that we've been procrastinating, to complete spiritual lessons that we've been ignoring, and to release or heal energy that we've not had a way to before. That is what I feel is truly happening on a deep, core level. So, the more neglect to our Highest Self, Oneness, and love that we have been doing, the more severe pain is of the bandaid that's being ripped off. And boy, can it sting.”

I’m not sure how you felt when you read that, or how you’re feeling now reading it if it’s for the first time, but I keep coming back to it. There seems to be no escape from the incredibly urgent nature to this call. Around every turn these days I’m finding these little pockets in my life of lower vibrational energy that has been unattended to. And they're popping up in crises to deal with them NOW.

The shifting occurring on our planet has reached a point of “no turning back.” If you’ve chosen the path of unifying consciousness or the New Reality, you have to walk the walk now. Talking the talk (ironically, what I’m doing now) is good and all, but it doesn’t get you where you claim to be.

Over the years I’ve seen many spiritual teachers, and students alike, fall victim to a sort of spiritual bypassing. They assume that by wearing the right clothes, saying the cool things, and gaining a following, that they’ve somehow leveled-up and are functioning at a “higher” level than the masses, attuned to ascended energy and therefore not hindered by the real work that needs to be done in their own lives. You see, simply ignoring or denying the energy doesn’t make it go away. It simply prolongs the inevitable process of stripping you down, and humbling you to the point of surrender.

Shift happens. Like life, it happens whether you’re ready or not. Personally, I’ve pushed a lot of things under the rug that I was unable to confront — mostly because I don’t like confrontation or having difficult conversations, and also because I’d somehow convinced myself that being spiritual meant that I was above being angry or having boundaries with regards to what I allowed into my life. Well, guess what? The shift has hit high-gear, and there’s no more hiding out.

I’ll tell you what, it feels like an incredible onslaught of pain at the moment. It’s sometimes so difficult that my urge to run away to a foreign land gets so strong that I get caught in the crossfires of a mental tennis match between “I need to stay here and deal with this once and for all in order to heal it for good” and “If I’m actually on the right track then I shouldn’t be suffering this much.” What a crisis of consciousness!

Can you relate to this?

I think if you’re being honest that you can. I know I feel lonely a lot, so I’m assuming that you do too. So when I find myself on that dangerous edge of the abyss, I throw my hands up and state:




I claim my Timeless True Self again and again, and I stand and witness the many other True Ones with me. We’ve come to the planet at this time to heal our outer world, by going into our inner world. We are not alone —although our individual healings may feel like solitary work.

I’ve decided to host a monthly chat for those of us on the path of Oneness, yet moving through the waves of energy pouring in. I’ll be starting a Patreon channel soon that will contribute to this work, and the past work I’ve done that provide tools like yoga for working through this crazy surf. If you’re interested in joining me in these new ventures, post a comment. You can just say “HERE I AM” or something more personal if you choose.

Let’s work together through this shifting of reality systems. The New is already here. But many of us still need to upgrade energy and heal our hearts.

Infinite love to you all ✨💖✨

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