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I Feel the Earth Move - Reflections on AN-TAWA 3 Ceremonies

True Ceremonies * True Ones * True Life

Thailand has been my home-away-from-home. I've visited it seven times and love everything about the culture, the people and the landscape. That's the most I've been to another country. But there's another country that's making its way up the ladder, quickly: Peru. This May I visited Peru for the fifth time since 2015. The first visit was life-changing. I've written extensively about what happened in blogs and newsletters. The second and third times were for retreats I was hosting. And the last two times, I went to take part in deep and true ceremonies, hosted by my friend and mentor, Solara Anani, visionary of the 11:11 doorway. It was a sublime experience that I will never forget.

Our Group in the ancient Incan site of Moray, created by a meteorite impact long ago.

One Big Happy Family #TrueOnes

I've been to many rituals and ceremonies throughout the years. Heck, I've hosted quite a few myself. Intention is the key component for any successful ceremony. When you bring people together for a specific intention, you need everyone to get into the right frequency band quickly. And let's face it, all people have their own unique issues on any given day. Integration into ceremonies can sometimes take a few days before people have unpacked their emotional baggage and created the right space, and usually I am one of those people. But this time, I truly landed into the ceremonial space well before I even got to Peru. Other than the minor blip with my shoulder, I was ready to hold space with and for people. And this allowed me to really enjoy my companions, the Timeless True Ones, on our journey.

Welcome Dinner with the early crew - Solara and Emanaku on the right, then clockwise from me we have Joe, Catherine, Sejma, Raikan and Benedict

The folks that come together for Solara's ceremonies are from all over the globe. For this particular set, our group had people from Germany, Peru, Italy, Japan and all over the USA. But in truth, we are all from the stars. The connection to our starry family was evident from the first day. Incredible confirmations of one another were present at first glances. Bonds were strengthened through fire ceremony and preparations. It was not long before all of the Timeless True Ones were present and prepared to create ceremonies for and with Pachamama, the essential Mother energy of our planet.

Tracey with Annegret & Benedict from Germany

With Javier, an amazing artist and healer, from Peru

Catherine (Right) from US, Sejma (Left) from Germany, and I painting our new Drums of AN

My Gemini brother, Sebastian, from Germany

My Heart being seared in the beam at Moray with Joe, Kalasara and Makaya, all who live in Hawaii

Raikan Tiani (Italy) and I shared our Liclia's and even exchanged them at the last day of ceremonies, so now I have the one she's wearing and she has mine.

Traveling with Benedict, Raikan and Nogi (back left) from Japan

There are people that you meet who become friends. Some folks remain distant in your field as acquaintances. And then there are those who immediately feel like family. Such was the case for this group. I always felt comfortable to be authentically me, and I knew that each and every person was holding equal space for me. I cannot speak kindly enough about the appreciation I have for Solara and my Family of AN. We bring out the vast beauty of each other when we are together, and that enables us to do the deep work that we have come to do.

About that...

About the Ceremonies #ANTAWA

From 1993 to 2011, Solara traveled to power places around the planet, anchoring in the 11:11 Doorway with thousands of people. Since then, millions have awakened to these numbers, and many actually understand them to be an activation of our cellular memory banks in remembering who we truly are. The True Ones now come to Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru to the land simply called The Heart of AN. Here, integrations of polarities, unity and Oneness through loving presence is the essential energy. Those who arrive immediately feel this as a deep truth, and anything within that doesn't hold that resonance, quickly comes up for transmuting.

"AN" is the sun and moon as One Being. AN was also the lineage of many ancient civilizations, most notably Egyptian and Incan, but can be found in many more around the planet. "TAWA" is the word for the number four in ancient Incan, but also has connections in other old languages. TAWA emerged as the fourth point, created from the three stars of Orion's Belt during previous EL-AN-RA Ceremonies in Peru. TAWA is our bridge from duality to Oneness, through the heart. Solara named these four sets of ceremonies that occur between 2022/2023 AN-TAWA because we are now in the time to birth the New Reality. Everything is moving at an accelerated path towards the New Timeline, and there is no more time to straddle them. We have to have both feet planted in the New so that we can help the planet shed its old skin of duality - for good.

Up until now, most of what we know and understand is duality based thinking and interpretation. We have come to understand things as good or bad, black or white, male or female. But as we can see through all things in our current world, all of those old distinctions are losing their ground. Our world is in the process of springing forward in incomprehensible ways to promote healing and well-being for all. And yet, many are still locked in their old paths that limit their evolution.

Why do we create these ceremonies? It is for both our internal healing and evolution as well as that of the planet's, for truly our inner world is a microcosm of the outer world. And although these may seem like deep, lofty concepts, in reality the ceremonies are quite simple and deeply exquisite.

All About the Heart #ANTAWA

The many dimensions of the heart hold secrets, judgements and misalignments about love. We have all been hurt. We all know grief. Yet the distortions that we have created about love exist within all of us. How do we release these old wounds and unburden our hearts so that we may find a greater and truer love, which seems incredibly important since we understand love to be the defining energy of Oneness?

We created a mudra! Well, in the early morning hours of connecting to the Mother Tree at the Heart of AN, Sebastian was given the mudra of flipping over our old, wounded hearts, and transforming them into our True Hearts. The mudra is simple, as you can see in the photo above you begin with fingers touching, pointed down. Then, you flip the fingers upward, and slowly peel the hands apart, spreading out the energy of True Love. It was simple, yet so effective that we all felt this overwhelming loving energy emerging within and around us.

Interestingly, this simple mudra of flipping over our old hearts, became a theme in flipping over the old timeline, and we embraced the mudra and brought it into many other parts of the ceremony. Give it a try for yourself to see the effect.

7 Days of Sacred Ceremonies #ANTAWA

On the first day of our ceremonies together, we spent time at The Heart of AN preparing and connecting. We sat together in the Starry Council and spoke Star Language to introduce ourselves to each other and opened our hearts. Then that evening we held a fire ceremony to release the old energies still weighing us down. I was in awe of how effortless it was to move energy. Being with this family and sharing parts that were very deep, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and to let the walls down so that complete honesty of the limitations we were carrying could be articulated and released to the fire, was a genuine gift. With each stick that I placed in the fire, I felt myself becoming lighter and freer. I wish every family gathering at home began with a fire ceremony!

Fire Ceremony to Release

On day two we continued preparations for ceremonies with some pututu tryouts, while others, including myself, painted new drums of AN. I had created a drum in 2019, and I love it. But the energy is chaotic and scattered. I felt so much of me had changed and I wanted a new drum to reflect this upgraded energy within me. During painting, a song of Tibetan monks chanting came on, and suddenly, symbols started to channel through me. At first I was unsure if I should go with this. Were they runic symbols? A pattern? Complete gibberish? Before I knew it, I had created a drum with Star Language bordering it. People have asked me if I understand what I am writing, and all I can say is, yes, on one level. But not in a word-for-word translation. The Star Language more conveys an energy. Since the painting of my drum I have been inspired to create Star Art with this Star Language written on it. This was something completely new and fascinating that has come out of just being open to the energy of creating my drum of AN. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile.

My Magnificent new Drum of AN!

The third day we headed to one of my favorite sites: Moray, for our first actual ceremony. We went down into one of the smaller meteor holes that the Incans created terraces in. The way down is lined with quartz crystals, and even though I'd been to Moray at least three other times, this time I felt very ungrounded, and had to take my time and hold onto the walls several times. There's always a palpable energy in Moray, but this time it was off the charts. During our ceremonies we had placed our hands on Pachamama, and I felt the ground depress, and then turn clockwise, like a dial on a control panel clicking to the next position. We had created intentions to work on the inner control panels of the planet, and myself, along with at least two others, felt the same exact movement in the earth at that same time. It was quite a powerful experience. It definitely felt that we had shifted timelines in Moray, and created powerful energetic connections with the planet. Not bad for our first day of ceremonies!

Inside Moray for Day 1 of Ceremonies

On the way out we paused for some photos and these are some of my most favorite ones of myself. You can see the light and energy flowing through and around me - especially the one of the ray piercing my heart that I showed earlier.

The fourth day we spent back at The Heart of AN preparing water from many sacred lakes and waterways on the planet, as well as playing our drums at the Tower of AN for the first time together. It was a lovely day of connecting and preparing, one that we would need for the following day to come.

Day 5: Raqch'i: Temple of the Creator, Wiracocha

Raqch'i is a formidable Incan temple several hours drive from The Heart of AN. We awoke pre-dawn and I took a few snapshots of the Milkey Way. It was so clear that it set the tone for the day - being completely out of this world. Raqchi's main temple was originally created with 11 pillars on each side, an earthly connection to the 11:11. The Incans used to perform their own ceremonies inside this main temple, however nobody is allowed inside there anymore. So, we set about heading to the sacred fountains, where we gave our offerings of the water from the sacred waters around the world and played our pututus until Martina, the guardian of the temple, arrived to join us in ceremony. And although we had never met her in person, she immediately felt like a part of our Family of AN. Together she shared stories of what it was like growing up in Raqch'i as well as a very sacred story that connected The Family of AN deeply to Raqch'i.

In truth, I had been to Raqch'i once before. It was the day after I first met Solara and had been to The Heart of AN in 2015. I was integrating those energies the next day while on a bus ride to Lake Titicaca. It is a very long ride, so they break it up with stops, and Raqch'i was one. I remember wanting to go take a look but feeling so ill. I did manage to take a couple of photos before going back to the bus, yet miraculously none of those photos are in my phone amongst the other hundreds from that trip.

This time at Raqch'i, I once again had an intense feeling overcome me. As we sat by the main temple and the 11:11 pillars listening to Martina, I again felt a stirring within Pachamama. I became quite dizzy and disoriented- a feeling of being out of space and time. Then, a vision of the fourteen of us in a line with seven facing one direction and seven the other came to me. As we formed a line, we shrank down in size and slipped inside one of the massive pillars and began to turn it like a dial. There was this sense that we had at once become very small, yet vast enough to be inside each of the 22 pillars at the same time, slowly turning each like dials. Again, this felt like we were moving earth's inner control panels. The more it turned, the more disoriented I became. There was so much light energy streaming around us at this time, and I had an overwhelming need to move out of the main temple area. As soon as I did, my energy leveled out, I re-grounded my energy and the "vision" stopped.

There is so much more that I could say about Raqch'i: about the bands of light pouring in, having the temple mostly to ourselves for our ceremonies and Martina's contribution that brought a whole new level to what we thought we had gone there to do. And, as if that was not enough, we even got to shop (little joke for those who have traveled with me before).

We all have significant days in my life that we will never forget. Being at Raqch'i with our group is definitely one of mine. What an incredible honor to have been a part of merging the old with the New.

If we ended our ceremonies at Raqch'i, they would have been deep and powerful enough. Yet we continued the following day to one of the sacred lakes: Lake Qoricocha, the Lake of RA. There is just something about the energy of this lake. At just over 13,000 feet, the "Golden Lake" is home of Pachacutec, the Incan god known as "He Who Overturns Time and Space." This was my second time to this sacred lake, and both times it is simply otherworldly. There actually is a strong sense of being out of time and space there. Our Magenta ponchos seem to light up on an entirely different level in contrast to the golden colors of the landscape which makes all colors appear more vibrant. Although I've never felt the earth "move" at Qoricocha, I do have a feeling of it being like a home I once had, perhaps on a planet in another galaxy. The familiarity of this strange and foreign place somehow is comforting. And although many of the others often experience intense energy there, I simply feel good. Comfortable. Validated.

Benedict and I partnered for the second time at Lake Qoricocha to present our water offerings. The mud is quite thick and Benedict does a fantastic job of assisting me and my tiny body in and out of the Lake.

Qoricocha is a distance from The Heart of AN, and it was yet another long day of ceremonies. So we spent day 7 back at our home base, finalizing and completing ceremonies together by creating sacred dances, playing our drums and feeling an overwhelming sense of accomplishment. We had done what we had set out to do in our ceremonies.

What was here is now over there...and we are now there too, looking back at the old as it drifts further away from us. We are moving into unchartered territory. What appears as chaos in the world is the dismantling and dying of duality. It no longer has a hold on those who call themselves the Timeless True Ones. We have a hold of the New Reality and we anchor that with love for every being on our planet, and hold space for others to join. It's simply a choice.

Do your inner work, release the old and move into the New. There's no more time for anything else.

Family of AN, Completion of the AN-TAWA (3) Ceremonies May 2023. The fourth and final AN-TAWA ceremony is scheduled for October 2023, and I will be there to complete our work.. To be continued...

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