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Recipe for Releasing

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

How to work with water for a healing to cleanse and release lower energy that has created stagnation in your life

Today it rained and poured in Florida. This was a most welcomed energy. The days here in early June have been unseasonably hot and humid. Yes, Florida is hot and humid, but the summer seemed to have crept in early this year due to the El Nino effect. I sat on the lanai watching the gentle rain come down. Soon, the soft rain turned into a torrential pour with thunder and lightening.

For some time now, I have felt a stagnating energy descend into my life, taking over the thriving energy that I used to have. I surmised where this limiting energy began, and although I'd done a lot to work around it, I simply couldn't get back what I felt had been taken from me. As I am one to focus on my own part in the journey, I try not to dwell on what part other external factors may have had in it. This has not completely served me well.

As I sat and watched the rain, I realized it was time to reclaim my energy, but to do that I first needed to release the energy of the past, those that may have taken a part in limiting my capabilities, and; of course; my own part in all of it.

I began reciting what I was releasing and the energy became more powerful. The thunder came, and then the lightening. And then, in the thick, pouring rain as I proclaimed to the water what I was releasing, a powerful hawk came down, splashed into the pond and danced upward with his prey.

This was a very strong moment. My statements felt validated. And as I watched the hawk fly through the rain, I stood and released even more. After, I felt the rain washing away the past, the energy of stagnation, and any lower energy that I had allowed to limit me. As today is the New Moon in Gemini, I feel even more empowered by this exercise, so I decided to share this simple recipe.

May the cleansing waters help you heal what does not serve you.


What You Will Need:

  • Rain

  • Clear Voice & Open Throat Chakra (this may require some prep work)

  • Right Intention

Step 1: Wait for the Right Moment

Perhaps you feel empowered today to release. Wonderful! However, with this ritual, you need rain. Check your local forecast and see when there is potential in your area. Plot out a time during that day when you can do the ritual, privately, preferably in nature or near a natural setting. Being near a body of water is even more powerful.

In the meantime, contemplate or meditate on what is stagnated in your life, and write a list. Even if you do not know the root case, you can make a preliminary list. However, if you know the real origin, write that down too. This will help keep you focused during the ritual.

Step 2: Rain Ritual for Releasing and Healing

The day is here! The rain has come, you have your list, and you are ready to release the stagnation. Find your quiet place in a natural setting, grab whatever rain-gear you need, and head out.

Once there, stand either in the rain or under an enclosure that protects you from the elements. If you are home this could be a porch, lanai, or even an open garage. If you are outside, look for a shelter, gazebo, cave, or other place. I am personally always careful of using umbrellas when lightening is around, so consider that as well.

Begin my facing the rain and stating: "I RELEASE..." and recite all the people, places, things from the past that you are releasing - those that have caused stagnation, lowered your vibration, hindered your Highest Self, kept you from claiming your Timeless True Self, and held you back in any way. You can add "Known or Unknown," as sometimes you do not know the origins of the stagnated energy, yet still want to address it. Remember to include yourself, and to state all things without judgment and with love. You can still create quite strong boundaries in a loving, yet stern way.

When you feel complete, end with a strong statement such as "So Be it!" "It is So!" "Amen!" "Blessed Be" or whatever else feels appropriate for you.

Step 3: Feel & Observe

Take time to feel and observe. If you were honest and open, nature will speak back to you and validate your ritual. Take note of all around you and how you now feel.

Avoid the urge to ask for something else. This is a releasing ritual, so we focus on that energy alone, and allow whatever needs to, to come up.

Spend as much time here as you can. Journal, reflect, or simply be.


Moving Forward

There are many reasons why rituals don't move energy entirely in one sweep. Be patient, repeat it as needed, and take time to understand exactly what you want. If what you are doing aligns with your True Self, the Universe will conspire to assist you. Sometimes you are in an "I-Await" phase, where you are healing or gathering energy. It can be difficult to gather the patience you need during this time. However, everything does happen in divine time, so there really is nothing you can do about it if you are supposed to be taking this time.

You will know when it is time to move forward. And when you do, step into your future without fear, without looking back, and with love in your heart. Be True.

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