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Open Doorways to New Dimension through Sacred Travel

Invitations to Walk Through & Into Another World - Another Time - Another Dimension

Tracey standing in St. Michael ruins on Glastonbury Tor
Glastonbury Tor

When I travel around the world I often find myself guided towards doorways. Perhaps you have noticed that you have the same peculiar interest? I first noticed this walking through Rome in the late 90's, prior to my understanding of energy or symbolism. If there was a big door somewhere, I wanted my picture taken with it. After returning from tours to Egypt and Peru I discovered a deeper dimension to this interest.

What is a doorway? At its basic level it is an opening to something that was previously unavailable. At your home you have a front and back door, basically to keep unwanted people out, and to protect what is inside. This seems fair to say with a home or a temple where sacred relics could be housed. But beyond this surface-level explanation, we find another symbolic representation: the doorway as a point of entry into the invisible, and that could mean anything.

Was C.S. Lewis the first to prompt this idea in his Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe? I certainly recall many fantasy and horror movies with the same premise of walking through a doorway or, in this case, an armoire; into another dimension. The idea certainly feels probably, doesn't it? Otherwise, why would so many ancient and pop-culture references spotlight the emphasis on doorways?

Tracey in Ollantaytambo, Peru
Ollantaytambo, Peru - Leaving the Old Behind

When I guide people to particular sacred sites, I will have them stop at a significant doorway, pause there and consider what they are leaving behind that is of their old self or outdated energy. And then walk through the door with that in mind. It is a powerful way to move through ancient sites, and a simple way to assist you in consciously moving energy in a positive direction.

What's on the Other Side of the Door?

Even if you think you know the answer to this question, the next time you are about to open a door, take a moment to pause. Feel what is on the other side. You may want to turn away and pass on opening it if it doesn't feel good. Or, perhaps there is an air of magic, and the possibilities of what could be there flood your being. Let your imagination flow, and be open.

Doorways offer many options. In the southern part of Peru near Lake Titicaca, there is a carved doorway in a stone called Aramu Muru known as "The Gate of the Gods." Many believe it to be an abandoned Incan site. The uniquely carved T-shaped niche measures 6 feet and 6 inches, the perfect size for a human to stand into. There is a legend that an Incan priest who was in possession of a golden disk, placed it into this niche, causing the doorway to open. Over the years there are many stories of people who disappeared through this doorway. Some say that Aramu Muru leads to another dimension where many beings are living harmoniously. In 2015 I gave my best try to join them, but alas I'm still here to talk about the tale.

Tracey in the Aramu Muru gate of the gods doorway in Lake Titicaca, Peru
Aramu Muru - Gate of the Gods

I Invite You to Step Through with Me

What sits behind the door? I believe that it depends on your intention. But I also think that anything is possible. Do you want to change a habit or behavior? Do you need help in walking away from negative energy? Visualize the reality you want on the other side of a door, and step through it with that intention of leaving behind what is outdated or no longer serving you.

And if you want to walk through an ancient open doorway to a new dimension through sacred travel with me, let's make it happen on one of my Sacred Journey Healing Retreats. Check here for Tracey's "Events" to see what's coming up.

Abydos and its doorways and energy portals
Temple of Abydos, Egypt and its many doorways & portals. Walk through them with Tracey in February 2025!

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