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Connecting Our Starry Self With Our Earthly Self

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Maybe you've heard the term "Starseed" being used more frequently. Personally, I have always understood that my origins come from other planets and star-systems, but have spent many lives, as I do this one, on earth. Some may find this notion really "out there," but I dare to say that more of us align to this concept than not. Do you? Have you felt out of sorts on the planet? Are you fascinated with the sky, sun, moon and stars? Are you in harmony with planetary alignments? If you answered 'yes' to just one of those questions, then you too may have your origins from distant planets.

Here we go - Tracey has lost what is left of her marbles. If you feel that way, I wish you well and please move along...nothing for you to see here. However, if you are called to know more, let's have a moment, shall we?

A good friend and mentor of mine, Solara Anani, has been teaching people who align to this reality how to live large on planet earth for many years. An integration needs to happen where we bring our vast, starry self down here to planet earth. In fact, many of us need to get to this as soon as possible so that we can truly align. For surely you have noticed that life on planet earth has taken an abrupt turn down Crazy Street and crossed the bridge into Insanity Land. Even the most imaginative cannot create the realities that we are living in at this time. Each day we wake up and wonder just what bafoolery may be in store for us. We have a deep sense that there is more going on than this being just a "new normal," in fact, we have a cavernous knowing that it is time to reclaim our True Selves, and step into our light, our vastness, and to fully manifest it now here on earth. In fact, that is what we came here to do...we just simply forgot!

Merging our starry selves here on earth is not a simple thing, of course. Look how long it took you to figure it out! But the knowing is just the beginning. Now you have to start doing the work. I have been on this quest my whole life, got waylaid on other paths for a while, and then intensified my work again about seven years ago when a true alignment took place for me. For those of you who are feeling lost, but aligning with this blog, let's begin here with a few things that you can do now to step up your process of alignment:

  1. Simplify. Release. Let go. Start with physical possessions by going through closets, dressers, garage and more. Give things away. Sell some. But purge and release them. Ask the good question, "does this give me joy?" If not, toss it. Ask how many of something you have and release the older ones or give a set away to someone else in more need of just one. Trust me, you have acquired lots of "things" to pad your loneliness and keep you disconnected from your truth. You need so much less than you think.

  2. Connect with Nature. Go for a walk. Have no destination in mind and just go. Or, plan a hike. Go by yourself or with a true, close friend. But don't make it a party. The more people you surround yourself with, the more disconnected you will be from the earth. You need to anchor into the earth fully and completely. You have not. You walk in shoes on pavement and live in houses constructed on concrete. You are not not only ungrounded, you are severely depleted from the energetic alignment with Gaia, and you need to repair this detachment. We need to align with the earth first, before we can truly bring in our vastness. Go now. Repeat tomorrow and as often as you can.

  3. Look up. Go outside and look at the sky. Watch the clouds float by and notice any familiar formations. Get to know the moon's transits. Understand our solar system's planetary influences and symbolisms. Sun gaze. Buy a telescope. Sit out under the night sky and ponder the infinite vastness of the Universe, and your connection to it. Invite in your True Self, True Family, True Knowingness. Breathe, and listen to the voices from beyond and within. Be open and invite it all in.

Of course I have one suggestion that will help you most with all of these endeavors: unplug from electronic devices. These pesky little things have invaded our entire lives. We live on our phones, tablets and computers, and some people even wear smart watches that are constant distractions. If you want to get real and align, you need to disconnect from that surreal world, so you can tune in to the vaster, truer one.

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