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Reconnecting with True Family

November 2022 Newsletter:

Coming off of the difficult energies of October, we are uplifted with the energies of November, and the promise of special moments to come as we reconnect with family and good friends. There are so many celebrations coming for November and December, but we are still moving through the transformations that came through Samhain (Halloween) and the Day of the Dead, so don't rush into the next phase quite yet!

However, it is a great time to start communicating and connecting with your True Families - the ones that we feel instantly connected with and that make us feel whole and good. The ones we do not have to wear any masks around, because we can be our true and authentic selves with, and feel good about it. Don't wait until Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, create time to meet even if its for a cup of chai or to go food shopping together. But if you can have dinner or an evening of chatting and laughing, boy, that is the ticket to happiness!

If you find your close circles becoming smaller these days, do not fret. Some of what is happening is that unmatched energy is flowing away from us so that frequency more aligned with our soul and highest self can move in. So those who are still in your field are significant folks and should be honored and time carved out for. Don't spend time worrying about those who have moved out - either for now or for good - because it is best for both of you. Just surround them with love. And if you find it difficult being around your family of origin right now, then limit that time. Remember, you chose them for the lessons you are meant to learn from each other, but maybe you just need a little space. Its all good!

Enjoy November and all that it brings.

But do make time for the True Ones in your True Family.

(Yes, that is Elina and I from our 2017 trip to Bali. I will be with her while you are reading this, reconnecting in Peru!)


Personal Message from Tracey:

Hello dear family of ONE,

Although I love October, I do also appreciate when it is over. This beautiful month of transformation just brings a lot of difficult energy with it, and this year certainly did not disappoint, did it? The hope is that November brings more solid ground for us to walk upon and feel supported by. But in our world these days, that is always unknown. The most we can do is our best each day, and appreciate the small blessings that come, because they are often the big ones.

This is another reason why reconnecting with our True Families is so important. We need to be with the people who light us up, calm us down, and who we feel free to be ourselves with. Seek those people out, and create time to be with them now!

If you are reading this newsletter than I am currently in Peru with my beautiful starry family in ceremony. As you well recall, I didn't make it there this past February, so going now is important in realigning with part of my mission on the planet of shifting and uplifting energy. I go with an open heart and willingness to be a conduit for positive change so that it may flow into our world creating more ease, joy and peace.

I look forward to connecting with you in the classes and programs at Hope Yoga in Jamesburg, and The Learning Collaborative in Allentown.

Love, and Infinite Blessings,


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