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Mystical Signs, Synchronicity & Cycles

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

If you are lucky, every now and again a series of mystic signs or synchronistic events remind you how magical life truly is, and that nothing in it is occurring by chance, but rather is a part of the Divine Architecture of the Universe. Whether or not you subscribe to being aligned with that Universal presence and the Divine within is entirely personal, and does not preclude the reality of what you are, in fact, a part of.

I found myself desperately seeking a way of releasing a cycle of pain that would not release. Six weeks into a major rotator cuff injury, my ability to function through the daily pain was pushing me to my limits. While brief pockets of lessened intensities crept into my days, they were pushed aside by predominant throbbing, burning, stabbing pain and numbness. Frankly, it was intolerable.

I knew that a former student was always seeking alternative methods to his own healing, and so I reached out to see what practitioners or technologies he could recommend. He swiftly replied with three options: a practitioner he felt could release the shoulder in several sessions, an herbalist who dealt with frequency healing, and a third technology that he had just heard of opening, but had not personally checked out.

Interestingly, when the brain cannot function at its optimum, the intuition is heightened. And this is often when we find ourselves in the midst of these mystical situations. Thus was the case, as I instinctively reached out to the third option and sent an email to query whether the technology would be helpful in my particular case. The woman who owned the business replied rapidly, something she says she doesn't often do. And in a few hours I found myself making an appointment and heading forty minutes to Hillsborough.

Along the drive I reflected about the last time I'd been in that area - some 22 years ago when I had attended the holistic massage school, Health Choices, that I had graduated from. As I passed both familiar as well as unrecognizable landmarks along the way, I realized that the first time I had suffered a frozen left shoulder was when I was in massage school, about to leave the corporate world in favor of going out on my own teaching yoga and doing massage therapy. There was a definite fear of the unknown, although I had a deep sense that this is what I must do and followed it, but not before I had suffered a herniated disk in my neck which created a numbness to my thumb and a frozen shoulder. I still recall the proprietor of the massage school telling me how this injury would be a great teacher for me in learning how to connect with myself and my clients. Surely, it forced me to move slowly, reverently, and deeply to merge my energy with another's.

This was a huge transformative time in my life, one that set off a 22 year cycle of running a yoga and wellness studio, serving a local community, being a teacher and mentor to hundreds of NJ residents, and becoming aligned and attached to those aspects. There was an odd similarity of shutting down my yoga studio in May and closing out this 22 year cycle and embarking on another hugely transformative period in my life. The only difference? I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I was living in the void, the in-between time, and I was no enjoying the I-await stage much at all.

22 is a Master number called the "Master Builder" or "Master Architect," that merges the spiritual with the physical, creating a powerfully transformative capability to turn one's dreams into reality. The key, however, is to be aligned with your True and Highest Self, so that you can build what you were destined to be in this lifetime. This huge 22 year cycle that was ending for me, was also revealing a deeper level of my work to come, even if I was not aware of what that was as I found myself in a self-healing mode.

I passed Orchard Avenue off of 206 North and noted to myself that the school used to be down that road. Then, when I came to the next street where my gps told me to turn, I realized the road looked very familiar. And in my astonishment, found myself turning into what appeared to be the very same parking lot of my former massage school. But hadn't I passed the road it was on? Although I was confused, I found myself in front of a building that was undeniably where I had attended school. And even more than that, in the same building, and exact room even!

As I sat for two hours receiving this healing technology, the shock of the synchronistic events and cycles that brought me back to where I was 22 years prior, the origins of the onset of my current injury, I felt a massive stone wheel loosen and shift forward, releasing a deep core energy who's time had run out.

Still reeling from these revelations, I found myself sitting in my car, notably lighter and in less pain than when I first walked into the facility.

I reached out to the former owner of our school to verify the address. This was the place. And she was pleased to hear that it was still being utilized in a healing capacity.

It is difficult to put into words the elation ones feels after being relieved of consistent and excruciating pain. It took me a day or so to fully understand the scale of what had just occurred. And in processing all of this, I recalled the vision I had while sitting in the space receiving the healing.

When I went out on my own and opened my business, my motto was "to help others heal through the many holistic healing methods that have helped me heal my own life." I never forgot that, and being of service to others in that capacity has always been a significantly important aspect of what I do. In my vision, I saw myself with a television show where I shared with an expanded community both new and ancient technologies and practices, as well as skilled healers and healing practitioners to help heal their lives. That night I sent a show proposal in to the former Princeton Television, now CNJN, where it was quickly received and approved. And in less than twelve hours from now I will be interviewing my first person for the show that I will produce myself.

My shoulder continues to heal. My purpose to help others to heal their lives by finding and adding appropriate holistic modalities is now drawing me to connect with a broader audience. The ceremonies I continue to be a part of in Peru in assisting our planet in moving through the difficult time we find ourselves in, are major reasons why I needed this time, this healing cycle to occur, even as difficult as it has been. For how can we heal the outer world, when we are still working on healing our inner-world? Surely our outer world is a mirror into ourselves. If we do not fully embody pure true love, we will not be able to see or live in a world based in pure true love.

So while the wheel has turned and a new cycle has begun, I am still in a slowly moving reconfiguration. And with my newfound acceptance of divine timing, I do what I can when I feel inspired, and rest when I need to replenish. But wow, what a wildly profound acknowledgement to reconfirm my purpose.

Watch out for "The Quantum Healer" to air soon on both CNJN and YouTube

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Congratulations Tracy, looking forward to your show, you have helped so many people already! this is a great opportunity.. I’m so excited to tune in!!!

Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer
Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer
Apr 11, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! 💚


A w e some Tracey! I can see your face as you sit in the parking lot afterward. I’ve seen that face many times now where you are embracing the universal truth gifts being delivered. …The hard to believe yet undeniable messages. Its been great to be included in your journey!!!


That’s an interesting revelation on your part! Great news and I know your show will open eyes in the spiritual world.

I read your number of 22 and was taken aback since my husband and I renewed our wedding vows on our 22nd anniversary. We now will be celebrating our 45th.

It was a tumultuous time in my life with my parents, and I was distraught. I saw a Chevy Chase movie where they went to Las Vegas and renewed their vows. We had already planned our family trip months before. I then got the bright idea to do it ourselves.

Both of our girls attended the ceremony, and it was so much better than the initial one with emphasis…

Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer
Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer
Apr 08, 2023
Replying to

Love that advice! ♥️

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