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Endings and New Beginnings: Reflections and the Transition from 2022 to 2023

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Goodbye 2022, you've been really interesting, quite challenging, and immensely liberating.

Personally I take time to reflect on New Year's Eve by looking back through my photo journeys on my iPhone. It allows me to see clearly where I was and were I've come to be. And it is always quite telling, as I tend to forget things if left to my own mental devises.

The first photo I have for January 1, 2022 is a gold infinity symbol. I used this to create a magazine imagine with myself on the cover (see photo). It was meant to assist me in focusing my energy for the year, increasing energy work and creating a life that resonated more with where my frequency had shifted. In fact I did spent quite a bit of time working with energy this past year. I re-formatted my Healing Course titled "Quantum Healing - Reiki & Beyond," and held several sessions in that, in addition to creating a Thai Yoga Bodywork training that was recently approved to be accredited by the NCBTMB for massage and bodyworker continuing education units. January pictures spotlight the first round of those trainings held at Laughing Buddha Hot Yoga in West Depford, NJ, and heralded in a new era of me reaching out to other yoga studios for hosting my classes and events - a foreshadowing of what more was to come.

I knew that things had to shift after the first two pandemic years wiping my energy out completely. Not only had I reinvented One Yoga Center, but I physically moved the location too. Things were not jiving anymore with the center, and as much as I tried, I could not figure out why I couldn't get it flowing again. I forgot one of the cardinal rules: things only work when they resonate with your Highest and Truest Self. So, in February, I took a little hiatus, and for the first time closed the studio to embark on a month-long sabbatical.

The first half of the month went smashingly, heading to Florida to spend time with mom in the sunshine. Visiting my favorite place, Captiva, watching the sunsets in paradise, and taking some needed downtime was crucial and proved invigorating to my soul. I got home and prepared for the second half of the month in Peru being involved in sacred ceremonies at The Heart of AN with my friend and mentor Solara, and other True Ones, as we work tirelessly to improve the energy here on the planet. Alas, I was to not make it to Peru on a technicality with my passport expiration being short a few weeks of Peru's necessary 6-month requirement.

Devastation is the only way to describe my feelings about missing this opportunity. I felt that I had let so many people down. When I subsequently found myself in the hospital two days later passing a kidney stone and being severely dehydrated I took this as a two-fold energetic occurrence: first that I had created the stone by all fearfulness I was surrounding myself with, and second that the Universe had intervened so that I could receive the needed care at the hospital. But either way, this was not how I "wanted" my well-deserved sabbatical to turn out. Alas, when life gives you lemons, most people complain, but some make lemonade. Tracey; however, manufactures a lemonade factory.

And so, since I could not be in Peru for the AN TAWA ceremonies, I brought AN TAWA to NJ! A small but brilliant group of people came together for our local group and together we created fabulous ceremonies on 2/22/22. This was also my Grandmother, Genevieve's 100th birthday, so I was able to be around and celebrate it with her. And then was also able to be present for my daughter's birthday in early March. Clearly the Universe understood that I was not meant to be in Peru. And with the NJ AN TAWA group meeting regularly, things started off brilliantly in March, with an increased focus on energy healing as I created a new room for treatments and sessions at the studio, and was moving myself into a position to focus more on healing work and less on teaching yoga classes. I was feeling very good about the changes I had implemented, and was looking forward to working more yet differently at the studio in Hightstown.

And then the Universe popped its head back up to remind me that I was Truly exhausted by having a physical yoga space and holding that energy for so long. The space and the way of doing things needed to change, and I was still trying to force it to work the way it had for so long. March is supposed to come in like a lion and out like a lamb, but this year it went out like a T-Rex on steroids when on the 28th my husband came home with covid-19, and soon we were both sick together in our townhome. Unable to breath, with every muscle sore and still trying to figure out how to keep classes going for students while I was sick, I looked at my husband and said, "That's it, I'm done. I am going to close the studio." Gently bending his head towards me as much as he could, he mumbled with congestion, "OK."

April would be a month of preparing for the eventual closing at the end of May. But not before we took a retreat to the always magnificent Mt. Shasta in Northern California. Several lovely women joined us for a 1st Chakra healing retreat that would refill my cup, and just in time to come home for the first One Yoga Teacher Training Reunion and the official closing of the studio after 22 years as a physical location in and around Hightstown-East Windsor. It was bittersweet. And I took the month of June to allow more of my nervous system to adjust. My mom came home from Florida, and I enjoyed the time off, feeling into my new life without a yoga studio.

Most people will not understand what I huge undertaking it was to release the studio. To be the sole guide to a spiritual center and holding sacred space for hundreds of people can be beautiful and special, but also taxing and unrelenting, as there is always a need to be on and of service. In the process, you can easily lose yourself in doing for others, and worse, warp the intention by focusing on it as a business instead of its intended healing space. All this and more. I could and should write a book just about that. Suffice it to say, I took July and August as opportunities to find ways to connect with the community I had given so much of my life to by creating pop-up classes, trainings and events throughout the area. Some of these were really fun and special, but others felt like more of the same, and within me I knew that more needed to change, but felt quite confused about what it was and where I was to go.

Somewhere around this time my beloved dog, best friend, and one of my dearest soul mates, Bodhi, was diagnosed with Cushings Syndrome, and the weight he seemed to have gained was actually a very enlarged liver. Ensuring that he was okay, I took off for an international trip to the UK, to a world power place - Glastonbury, England, notably what is agreed by most to be the world's fourth chakra location. Somewhere in the business of work and the stress of dealing with a sick dog, I was able to create an important time for myself to merge with Mother Earth and my True Being. It was a meaningful, powerful trip that my soul very much needed to uplift and propel me through the tougher times to come.

Near the end of August when the busyness died down, I found myself with quite a bit of free time. I took this as an opportunity to spend whatever time I had left with Bodhi, and my other dog, Kali, as well as to slow down - to really slow down - and determine what it was that my soul needed most.

September and October became about creating completions. My goal was to exit 2022 not feeling that I owed anything to anyone, so that I could have as much open time as possible. So, I dedicated the time to having a final session of in-person yoga classes at Hope Yoga, initiating a 100 hour Chakra module training for my recent 200 hour training graduates, and connecting with more people and places that needed my energy and connection. Then, at the end of October and into the beginning of November, I finally made it to Peru to connect with my True Starry Family at The Heart of AN for ceremonies. This was part 2 of the work that began in February that I had missed, so this trip became quite significant in redirecting the energy that was created when I did not attend the first stage.

Ceremonies were incredible. With ease and simplicity, we came together as One Being. To have the time to feel what work can feel like - effortless - was an invaluable experience. But I knew that I needed to return home to Bodhi, and more completions, which unfortunately came when we had to say goodbye to him the night before Thanksgiving. And although I knew that his time was at hand, there are no words to describe the loss of such a significant being in One's life. I was comforted when I had a vision of him, in human form, taking his place back amongst the Silent Watchers, or what some may consider Ascended Masters. While I mourn the loss of his dog-spirit, I am working to understand and connect with him in his True Form. Anyone that ever met him will agree, he was much more than a dog. And now I see why we felt this and that he is working on a higher level to assist us in creating a lasting beautiful world here on planet earth.

In 2022 the Holidays felt a little empty. But I was on a real mission now to close out the year, to complete many energies, and find myself in Florida for the beginning of 2023, creating open space to write and create. Scott, Kali and I drove to Florida and arrived on the 29th of December. We rang in 2023 here and are preparing our year focusing on what is most important to us.

What I learned from 2022 are many things. Mostly that intention is the most important part of anything in life. Go into anything with the right intention, without fear and with love, and you will succeed. Secondly, nothing is as difficult as I make it out to be in my mind. In fact, most things are quite simple when aligned with your True Self. Lack of positive flow means you are not aligned. And that brings me to the third: Showing Up. We have to be fully present in our own being in order to be available for any other. We cannot deny our own joy and expect us to help others achieve theirs. For those of us who are Masters of Service, this often proves difficult, but it is a huge lesson nonetheless.

As I move into 2023, I set intentions to align in Trueness, and hold the beam for others to awaken and align with theirs. My work with be new and fresh, and I will carve massive space for creating through writing. I will also make time to connect with the people who are most important in my life, and not work tirelessly so that I have little time for them. Redirecting my energy and repatterining my life to focus on joy, simplicity, creativity and aligning with Trueness are my key notes to the year.

When you look to 2023, a number 7 year of spiritual completion, how do you want to move into this new cycle? It is a time to repair and complete things for yourself. It is a time to realign efforts. It is a time to claim your Timeless True Self, and to stop suffering through life on the wings of duality. Anything is possible when you are in the right alignment.

Blessings on creating a True Life as a True One for 2023, and finally stepping off the timeline of duality so that Oneness is not just a concept, but the Ultimate New Reality on Earth.

~ Dr. T

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