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Lower energy can get stuck in places, easily. Built up over time, this can negatively impact the overall energy in your household. Rev. Dr. Tracey's experience as a healer and energy worker can assist in removing this unwanted energy from your home, work or other space. While no outcome is guaranteed, we will work together to create a lighter, more positive energy for you and your space.


$150/hour (you are booking the first hour, but may owe more if the time is required).


You will be contacted by email to schedule your personal house clearing. If you do not hear from us within 72 hours, email, referenccing your sale. 

House Clearing

  • Once your session is booked, should you need to cancel you must do so with 24 hour notice or you are reponsible for paying for your session. 

    Please have your space ready to receive this clearing and make yourself available for the hour to work with Rev. Dr. Tracey for optimum results. 

    There are no guarantees on channeled work. Please come open to receive the highest light energy for your healing.

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