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House Clearing

Guyan Mudra Above Head

Energy Healing

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Sometimes referred to as the "Lazy Man's Yoga," Thai Yoga Bodywork is a thorough program of massage therapy that opens energy channels in the body, increases circulation and leaves one feeling completely relaxed and refreshed. 

As a certified and licensed Massage Therapist since 2000, Tracey has chosen to focus her massage work in Thai Yoga Bodywork due to the incredible benefits that she has experienced, personally, from her seven trips to Thailand where she's received countless sessions with many different therapists, in addition to completing a training program here in the US.

Thai Yoga Bodywork is performed on the mat, fully clothed, with you resting while receiving various compression, joint mobilization and energy healing techniques.

Uplift the Energy at Home or Work

Low vibrational energy can sometimes get stuck in an area. My experience as a healer and Shamanic practitioner can assist you in clearing this energy and bringing in higher, positive energy to your space. $150/hour on-site.

Lighten Your Load

As a licensed Massage Therapist I learned many holistic healing modalities. Adding in my nearly 30 years of energy work in various Shamanic and earth-based practices and we have the recipe for creating healing in the subtle body energy system. $108 sessions by appointment.


Thai Yoga Bodywork Session

Book an authentic Thai Yoga Bodywork session with Tracey by appointment $108 for a 60-minute session.