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House Clearing

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Energy Healing


Ceremonies & Rituals

Shamanic Healing Apprenticeship

Reiki & Beyond

Uplift the Energy at Home or Work

Low vibrational energy can sometimes get stuck in an area. My experience as a healer and Shamanic practitioner can assist you in clearing this energy and bringing in higher, positive energy to your space. $150/hour on-site.

Lighten Your Load

As a licensed Massage Therapist I learned many holistic healing modalities. Adding in my nearly 30 years of energy work in various Shamanic and earth-based practices and we have the recipe for creating healing in the subtle body energy system. $108 sessions by appointment.

Special Moments

Breathe deep spiritual connection into a special moment. Let's create a ritual or ceremony for your event or holiday, or for something special for you. Perhaps you want your own Baptism to commemorate entry into a new spiritual phase. Maybe you want your birthday to be something more personal. Let's talk!

Shamans have been the healers, the seers and the shapeshifters of our world. They move between worlds and use the natural energies available on the planet in order to facilitate physical, mental and spiritual healing for their community. I have worked with the Shamans in Peru, the Lakota in North America and Wiccan Priestesses as well. As a Reverend Doctor I am bringing my wealth of knowledge and practical application of the tenants of the Shaman to an Apprenticeship program where we look beyond the folds of Reiki into the layers and dimensions of the healing world, through the Shaman's watchful eye.

Level I, the beginner stage, takes us through a Reiki Attunement process to learn traditional hand positions, principles and other traditional healing through the Usui Reiki lineage. We discuss the Subtle Body (7 Chakras) in detail, receive an Attunement and learn how to ground and protect oneself when performing healing work. We will practice and kick off your movement into the Shamanic Healing path.

Level II deepens your healing gifts by learning about distance healing and symbols used to accelerate the body's ability to heal. We also receive your second attunement and dive into the deeper dimensions of the Subtle Body (12 CHakras) for full and complete energy healing facilitation.

Level III of the apprenticeship introduces Crystal Healing and practical application as well as Sound Healing with Tibetan and Crystal bowls and other sound healing instruments. We will also discuss my High Light Energy Attunements and how you can bring in this energy to take your healings to the next level. A booster attunement rounds out this program.

Level IV - Shamanic Master's - Here it is, the final stage, the embodiment of the Shamanic Healing by deepening your intuition as well as business skills as well as receiving your Master Attunement so that you can facilitate your own Shamanic healing trainings. 

I look forward to mentoring you on your journey in Shamanic Healing.

In Love, Service and Wisdom,
Reverend Doctor, Tracey

Investment: Level I: $222, Level II: $222, Level III: $222 and Master Level IV: $333

Booster Attunements available at any time for $111, which includes an hour private Shamanic Healing session with Tracey

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