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Healing Ourselves ~ Healing the Earth through Sacred Travel

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Ayuttaya, Thailand, 2019

If I could sum up two of the most significant items that I continue to work with in my life it would be "healing" and "travel." True Healing, I believe, is when we get to the root of an issue, whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, and actually work it out. True healing goes way deeper than the physical symptoms we often focus on. In reality, those symptoms arise long after the original incongruent energy has been present in our life. And then there's Travel, simply moving about the planet, encountering different cultures, different ways of living, and meeting new people.

So how do these two things connect? And how can they work together?

Traveling to Power Places #Earth Chakras

How to Get to the Root of the Issue #Healing

Ultimate Healing Through Reciprocity Between Humans and the Earth #Retreats


Traveling to Power Places #EarthChakras

Our ancient ancestors understood the nature of power places. We know this because they built their magnificent temples on them or lived nearby natural temples in the land, such as Uluru in the Australian outback. Were they simply in tune with the earth's electromagnetic field? Or was there something deeper happening?

In the 1920's a landscape photographer named Alfred Watkins began to map out these alignments, and coined the term "Ley" lines, to articulate the phenomena of when a straight line connects five or more sacred sites. In the 1970's, several Russian scientists discussed how the earth could have started out as a crystal, still existing within the planet, emitting recordable energies. More discovered that the earth could be mapped out in a dodecahedron pattern aligning with the poles. From here, the field of planetary gridlines exploded. Hundreds of theories, from scientists to visionaries and mystics, began to arise on mapping energy in our planet.

In the 1980's, one such visionary named Robert Coon, produced a planetary "Earth Chakras" map, suggesting not only that the primary seven chakras could be found at significant power places on the planet, but 12 major chakra points with a total of 156 Earth Chakras - comprising 52 Inspirational centers, 52 Structural centers, and 52 Creative centers. Since Coon's coining of the "Earth Chakras," again, many more people have come forth with their own ideas of where these planetary vortexes are located.

No matter who's theory you follow, the deeper truth is that these power places exist on the planet, and in such, there is a reason for them. What is that reason? And what can be gained from understanding them?

"I began working for the auto club in my early twenties, and began traveling as a part of my job, but soon a wanderlust sprung from within me, and I found myself moving about the planet whenever I had an opportunity to. My life's trajectory changed in my thirties, and I opened a yoga and wellness studio that thrived in NJ for 22 years. During that time of working with various holistic healing modalities, my intuition and spiritual connections deepened. At some point I realized that I was drawn to sacred sites and planetary power places. What was calling me to these ancient locations? This led me into a deep dive on understanding the true nature of healing through traveling to these activated places."

~ Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer

Machu Picchu 2019

I've led people on retreats to Sacred Valley, Peru, Bali, Indonesia, Greece, Thailand, Mt. Shasta and India, all locations either coined as planetary power places, earth chakras, or located along the major "Dragon Lines" of the planet. And for myself I have traveled to many more such locations. What I find when I travel to these places, is that I am going through a deeper healing somewhere, personally. I've received codes in some places and cracked open my heart for deeper levels of healing in others. And then still more places have removed illusion, tested my Highest Self and shown me the nature of Truth.

If you have any doubt that these planetary "Chakras" or power places truly exist, I can tell you from both my research and personal experiences that they most certainly do. Sometimes the energy is so palpable you can feel the vibration. For me Moray, Peru is one of these such plac

Glastonbury Tor 2022

es. Other times the subtle waves of energy move about as if to carry you, effortlessly about the land, as was my experience in Glastonbury, UK.

Although there is no question in my mind as to the validity of these Earth Chakras, I do have many more, such as:

  • Were these power places once "active"? And if so, why are they no longer?

  • Will these sacred places activate once again? If yes, when or how?

  • Are the places actually still quite active, yet unavailable to the majority of people?

  • What mysteries do they hold?

I continue to explore these and other questions in my ongoing research and travels.

How to Get to the Root of Issues #Healing

As a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and Reiki practitioner, I have helped hundreds of people (maybe thousands) heal their lives through various holistic modalities. I have joked that I put myself out of business as a massage therapist specializing in specific musculoskeletal issues because I "fix" people and never see them again. Many yoga students have found the nature of their truth while on the mat in my classes or trainings and made difficult but necessary life changes. One of the keys I have found is that in order to truly heal, we need to be able to feel what is happening on a deeper level. In other words, yes, you may have an ongoing issue with your lower back, but the energetics of that tell me your story is an emotional one, and whether it stems from a specific trauma, past-life karma or other energetics, you must be open to going into those difficult places, and yes, feeling the "yucky" stuff.

In my previous blog post titled, "The Onion," I discuss peeling back the layers to healing in more detail. It's a quick read, so I'll leave the link here for you to jump to:

As you can already ascertain, popping an Advil, having surgery to fix something broken or even receiving one of my fabulous massages will not actual "heal" your issue, because the root of that issue lies in the event that first occurred where the energy became blocked or misaligned. Now I am not suggesting to anyone to ignore the advise of their trusted medical advisors. What I am suggesting, however, is to, okay, take the medicine, have the surgery, get the massage, but then, journal, meditate or get real quite and figure out the origins of the issue. Sometimes it is amazing how quickly the truth comes when you get still and quiet.

Then, once you know the root cause, it is truly time to heal. Maybe there is a simple forgiveness ritual you can perform, or Ho'o Pono Pono. Oh, I think I have an older blog post about that one...yup, here you go:

Awareness is always the first step in a true healing. Once you have revealed your root, you can take strides in release it. Sometimes writing a letter and watching it burn can also create a fast yet deep core releasing. I help people often figure these things out through my Quantum Healing sessions. And although I can help, there is a need for the person to do the work to actually move the energy out. I can help channel the message, but you have to ultimately take responsibility for the energy, and do the hard work. But trust me, it is worth the process it takes to get through it.

Ultimate Healing Through Reciprocity Between Humans and the Earth #Retreats

One of my favorite terms is "Everything is Energy." We are energy. The planet is energy. And different people and different places on the planet have different energies too. So when we travel to points on the earth of great energetic consequence, we cannot help but receive some type of healing there. Well, at least if we are open to it. Otherwise, we may think we developed a traveler's illness or even drank alcohol the whole time not availing ourselves to the healing potential. No, if everything is energy, then everything that is happening is connected to something larger. We are One. There are no ordinary moments in life. Each moment is extraordinary, and we are being given the opportunity all the time to create healing energy, but especially when we travel to a place in the planet that holds the key to a particular type of energy.

One thing that always didn't sit right with me was all the "taking" part of healing with Mama Earth. What I mean to say is that we cannot continue to pillage her resources, and that includes her energy. So when I hear someone say something like, "place your hands on the earth and give her your negative energy for transmutation," the hair on my skin stands up. Why would we just want to pour all of our lower vibrational energy into the planet? Can she take it? Can she transform it? Maybe. Yes. No. Who cares the answer there. What about reciprocity? What about giving more than you get? Or what about simply giving back?

Lake Qoricocha, Sacred Lake of Inka Pachacutec (He Who Overturns Time and Space), Sacred Valley, Peru 2023

So Ultimate Healing, for me, is when the mutual love that Mother Earth has for us, is met with mutual respect for our planet. I've suggested to my crystal shoppers to consider placing crystals back in the earth to help repair her energy grids. When we travel to a sacred power place, we ask Pachamama for permission to enter, rather than trample all over her, mindlessly. Even just sitting quietly upon the earth, and holding loving space, can be enough to establish a reciprocal energy.

So what if more people did these things? What if we traveled to these planetary Earth Chakras, or vortexes where several energy lines connect, with specific intentions to give back to the planet? What if we performed simple rituals with our presence to help re-active sacred sites? What if we could make all of this became a global phenomena?

I truly believe that we can create massive global healing and spiritual elevation or what some refer to as "Ascension" by doing just this. But it is going to take more of us to awaken to make it happen. So we getter get to it. Shall we?

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