Tracey on Yoga

I am not sure where I would be without the practice of yoga. Frankly, I was a hot mess before finding it. I was living far from my truth, stuck in an unappreciated middle management job and relationship. I had no sense of self or direction nor the confidence to speak or act even if I did. And then there were my physical issues. From a car accident at 16, the compression fracture in my spine created multiple problems with instability and illness. The sincere good person that I was on the inside was led to yoga with a friend, and my life changed dramatically and quickly for the better. 

I believe what makes me a good yoga teacher is that I understand my students limitations. I get all the stuff that they bring to the mat. Truth be told, I have to still work on not bringing all of mine there. But that is what makes it such an incredible practice - it is ongoing. Like an onion, who's layers you can continue to peel back, yoga has these layers too. The more you practice, the more you discover the depth. 

To those who believe yoga is a physical exercise that you have to be flexible to do, please hear me: yoga is for everybody and every body, and it is not just about physical prowess. While many people come to the yoga practice for the physical benefits, it is recognized world-wide as a "science" of Self-Realization. Yoga, from the Sanskrit, "yok" means to bring together. This joining of body, mind and spirit makes yoga an inclusive practice. The body becomes fit. The mind finds focus. And the spirit, well, that may be the most fantastic part of it all!  You bring whatever your spiritual beliefs are to the mat. Don't have any? Good. Come open. You cannot help but discover Spirit on your yogic journey. And this will be the greatest gift that the practice will give you: connection to and understanding of your Truest and Highest Self's Divine Blueprint.


Rev. Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer

Founder & CEO

I began the new decade (2000) as a 500-hour trained yoga teacher and certified massage therapist and have spent every moment since immersed in the practices that have helped heal and shape my life, in order to service my community and help others to heal their own lives. True healing comes from within and as far as I know, yoga is the oldest self-development program in the world. My practice has changed over the years. Now that I am in my 50's I feel a calling to teach others the meditative, calming aspects of the practice. In our world today that is what we need most. I welcome complete beginners to my classes as well as offer private instruction by appointment. To view available group yoga classes, go to the "Yoga Classes" page on this website. For more information on my yoga teacher trainings, see the "Trainings" on this website.


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One Yoga Logo

When I opened my first yoga studio above City Streets Cafe in East Windsor, NJ, I needed a logo. At that time there were no apps that could make a logo for you in seconds. One of my teacher's husband liked to take pictures. One of my student's girlfriend used Photoshop for work. I had seen pictures in Yoga Journal of people in the letters spelling Y-O-G-A and thought I could do that for O-N-E, the name of my studio. So, one day we all gathered there, and they all enjoyed putting me through several rounds of postures, fixing my hair, and helping me take the photos. Once the photos were taken, the next person cut them out and blacked them in. I then took them to a T-Shirt designer who put them together to create the first version of the logo. It has seen many versions since, but the one constant is my body as the O-N-E


There's No-one Else Like You

There is no cookie cutter yoga pose. Every person will experience yoga differently. I welcome you to explore your own uniqueness, both in body and spirit, when you practice yoga. The modifications and variations that I teach are meant to help you find what you need. Explore and play on the mat and allow yourself to be who you authentically are. 

A good yoga teacher instructs you to do what is best for you and does not showboat his or her abilities. A great teacher will assist you in finding your True Self not just on the mat, but in life. 


Own that shit! 

(P.S. Not sure if I love the Buddha head growing out my butt the most in this picture, the fact that I made that weird patio, or my showboating of Crow pose, but I will admit this is an old photo from my Baptiste Power Yoga days and I freaking love it).

My Fav Yoga Pic

In the two-plus decades since starting to teach yoga, I have had many photo shoots. The one that felt really good and was the most fun we did on my patio in Mullica Hill. My neighbor, Rob, an amateur photographer, did an amazing job capturing pictures for me that day. This one on the right is my all-time favorite yoga photo. First of all, its slimming, secondly, the alignment is spot on, and third I love the framing and content.


Instagram is not a reality. Reality is taking 100+ photos and being happy with one really good one. This is the gem. Thanks, Rob!

Tracey BEST yoga.jpg