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In Thailand, bodywork is a staple of life. Most people receive Thai bodywork as a preventative measure to good health and well-being. The therapeutic benefits of Thai Bodywork are tremendous in generating increased circulation of blood and lymph flow, as well as chi or pranic energy. 

Using simple compression techniques, joint mobilizations and stretches, Thai Massage is both deeply relaxing and invigorating to the entire being. 

As a licensed Massage Therapist in the state of NJ (#18KT00790300) since 2000, I offer therapeutic table massage in addition to Thai Bodywork.. Thai Massage is an all-encompassing bodywork modality where I can do individual spot work for those with neck or back issues into a 90-minute session. The 60-minutes sessions are general sessions to open the sen (energy lines) of the body for greater energy flow. Many people receive tremendous benefits just from a simple 60-minute session. 

Thai Yoga Bodywork Session

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