All crytsals are healing. Heart-shaped crystals connect to the energy of love, but also have other properties. Choose below the heart-shaped crystal for yourself or that special someone:


Actual Item 1: Chrysocolla (expression of the sacred, goddess energies)


Actual Item 2: Labradorite (protection & magic)


Actual Item 3: SOLD Ocean Calcite (stress relief & calm)


Actual Item 4: Amethyst (calming & divine connection)


Actual Item 5: SOLD Citrine (energy & abudance)


Actual Item 6: Septarian (spiritual awakening & anicent knowledge)


Actual Item 7: Selenite - Lotus carved (spiritual activation & attunement)


Actual Item 8: Shungite (grounding & general healing)


Actual Item 9: Selenite - angel wing carved (spiritual activation & attunement)


Actual Item 10: Angelite (angel connections)


Actual Item 11: K2 with a Heart-shaped marking (unlocks 3rd eye & enhance psychic abilities)


Actual Item 12: Rose Quartz (unconditional love)

Heart Crystals

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