My one-of-a-kind Angel Prayer Beads invite the energy of angels, Archangels, Archeiai and Saraphim to be in your life. Each set comes with an angel prayer card. All sets use Angel Aura beads, a special quartz infused with titanium to incerase the frequency and vibration of this already powerful master healing stone. The other semi-previous stones chosen for each angel either represent the halo color or another facet of the angel's healing message.


If you do not see the angel you are looking for, custom orders can be placed.


Item 1: Archangel Michael in Violet Angel Aura & Amethyst for calming

Item 2: Archangel Chamuel in Peridot for good health

ITem 3: Archangel Azrael in Cat's Eye and Obsidian for protection

Item 4: Archangel Ariel in Agate for grounding & connecting to earth

Item 5: Archangel Jophiel in Cat's Eye & Quartz for beauty & healing

Item 6: Archangel Zadkiel in Blue Goldstone for good luck & big dreams

Item 7: Archangel Azrael in Cat's Eye & Obsidian for protection

Item 8: Archangel Raziel in Rhodonite for loving energy

Item 9: Archangel Jophiel in Citrine & Sunstone for energy

Item 10: Archangel Ariel in Rose Quartz for love

Item 11: Archangel Raguel in Chaledony for god will & brotherhood

Item 12: Seraphim in Rhodochrosite for emotional healing

Item 13: Archangel Gabriel in Labradorite for magical intentions

Item 14: Archangel Uriel in Garnet for grounding

Item 15: SOLD

Angel Prayer Beads

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