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Eternal Star Knowledge

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

The stars hold the key to our past. Before people were here, before there was a planet, there was a vast Universe. The power and energy that created the stars may be somewhat of a debate between science and spiritualists, but for many there is a clear understanding that our origins come from the stars - and that we are made of magical star dust.

For eons mankind has looked to the stars. Ancient civilizations aligned their buildings and temple structures to galactic alignments and celestial events. At times before humans were considered advanced enough to create modern equipment, they somehow knew about planetary transitions and alignments that occurred at regular, albeit sometimes lengthy intervals. Are we seeking clarity about who we are now by looking out into our distant past? Or do we just love bright, shiny things?

I've been taking pictures lately of the sun finding profoundly interesting images. I've done this in the past with the moon as well, to equally interesting results. And although some naysayers will comment that the light refraction off the camera lens is a simple explanation, I challenge them to look deeper and think larger.

As aura photography has shown us, we can see energy through the a lens. Colors hold vibratory frequency and energy to them. Each color, a different vibratory reality and symbolism. Look for bright, vibrant colors. Look for orbs. Observe where they are and when the occur. What are you thinking about when you see them? What can they be trying to tell you?

For me, it is sometime as simple as a confirmation: I am on the right path when I see vibrant colors and orbs. If I am pondering particular questions when they show up, it is a resounding, "yes." Or sometimes, perhaps, it is an energy download, or an attempt to get my attention. Maybe even, a synchronicity of myself at a different time taking a picture of the sun, reflecting back at my current self. Or, a hint of where we are going in our next evolutionary shift. So many possibilities.

I've found myself diving into understanding ancient civilizations on earth, and more often that not, finding starry connections with them. More to come on this. For now, look up and take a shot! Let me know what you see.

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