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The rose has long been a spiritual symbol equated with the Divine Feminine. You are hereby invited to join a sacred circle, embodying the many qualities of the goddess. Through this channel you will receive monthly guidance on how to work with a specific feminine presence and her symbolism, awakening a power within you to create magick out of the mundane. A journey like no other, when you accept entry into the order, you are immediately connected to the Divine Feminine Consciousness within all. 


Monthly Channel Recordings Include:

  • Discussion of the history and symbolism of a goddess

  • Guided Meditation to Connect with the goddess

  • Guided Yoga Practice Embodying the goddess

  • Ritual/Ceremony for Invoking the goddess

The Order of the Rose Channel

The Channel requires a monthly subscription that you manage and can cancel at any time. The channel offers pre-recorded discussions and practices on various goddesses of different cultures and traditions. We suggest working with one specific goddess each month. Of course you have full access and can work with as many as you like or feel connected to. We will begin with a special trio of ladies, all aspects of the Mother Goddess, Durga, and the celebration of the 9 Nights of the Goddess, known as Navaratri. Each month one new goddess and her recordings will be added. Our promise is to upload new content for a different Goddess each month so that you can deepen your connection to the Divine Feminine. The gift is that the content is always there to go back to at any time. 

December 2021 Welcome Content

The official start Date for The Order of the Rose is January 1, 2022 with standard, monthly, recurring content. For those who are ready to start now, we will be offering a special launch of this community on December 1st.

Everyone who registers between December 1st – 31st will receive unique Divine Feminine Content only available this month in welcome and gratitude for our maiden voyagers!

Accepting the Invitation

The temple gates to the Order of the Rose are now open. This invitation is for anyone willing and wishing to align with the Divine Feminine Consciousness. To accept this invitation, repeat the following three times:

"I enter the Order of the Rose with an open heart and free of fear -

I breathe in deeply and feel her presence growing near.

I invoke thee, loving Goddess, and kneel down upon your throne -

I honor all of your aspects: Maiden, Mother and Crone.


I hereby accept the call , extending my hand to take the rose -

and with humility appreciate any gifts upon me that she bestows.

My word is my vow, Goddess hear my plea -

As I enter into the Order of the Rose  -

I am one with thee."

...And so it is!


You are now ready to enter the Order of the Rose. Simply subscribe to the channel below and watch the magick unfold.

Your Hosts & Guides:

Dr. Tracey L. Ulshafer

The Energy Alchemist

Founder of One Yoga & Wellness Center LLC, author of award-winning book The Accidental Yogini, Shamanic Priestess and Interfaith Minister, has taught yoga since 2000. Her knowledge of somatic embodiment practices, along with a lifetime of personal earth-based spiritual practices, provides a safe container in which to invite and embody the goddess energy. Tracey's magick is in taking her students on a transformational journeys, weaving story through spiritually themed yoga classes, guided meditation, and ceremony.


Beth Barling

Oracular Priestess

Founder of Beth Barling Wellness LLC, professionally studies ancient religions with a focus on the deceptive "hierarchy of human," its foundations, conditioning, and its persistent and traitorous effect into modernity, specifically within Western culture gender and sexuality studies. Beth’s magick is in her ability to help one awaken to goddess empowerment through storytelling, ritual, release, and divine remembrance. 

Photos by: Jennifer Roth, Gaia Dawn Studios