Monthly Offerings Beginning Fall 2020

2020 rearranged everything that we ever knew about our lives. Many people struggled to find ground on a daily basis. Some, managed to thrive. But most had a shift of perspective that awakened within something deep - a calling perhaps to Understand deep truths and awaken to our life's purpose. Perhaps you are looking for a program that can assist you on your journey. Well, here it is! Join Tracey on a monthly journey beginning this Fall.

Life can be a mystical experience, leading one to his or her truest and Highest Self. The path of the mystic winds through various spiritual traditions and belief systems, implementing multi-cultural experiences and honoring the Divine in all that is. Join me for a monthly journey into the "Mana Temple" - the Polynesian spiritual life force energy permeating the Universe.


Reclaim your connection to Spirit with my new Mystical monthly offering! Whether you find yourself lost in today's world or are a continued seeker on the path of Self-Realization, this course will offer you the opportunity to find the magical and mystical in the everyday.

As an Interfaith Minister, I honor all paths and faiths. As a Mystic and Healer, I understand the need for this path now - more than ever. Whether you are struggling or thriving, my course will keep you aligned with your Highest Self, emerging connected to Source and with a deep sense of purpose. 


The monthly offerings will include:

~ Yoga Session(s)

~ Meditation(s)

~ Ritual(s) for the month

~ Lecture(s)/Info on the month's energies

~ Private Facebook group in which to access all of these daily, ask questions and share your personal journey

~ Items needed for the monthly ritual may be purchased separately through the ONE SPIRIT Metaphysical Shop or may be included in one of the payment options for your convenience. These items can be shipped or picked-up as per each option listed below. 


This investment has many options:

💫 The Maiden ⤏ 💜

Basic monthly offering with access to Facebook group and all the recordings and information, billed monthly = $44/month for 12 months (13th month FREE).


💫 The Mother ⤐ 💗

All of the monthly offerings plus the ritual items from the ONE SPIRIT Metaphysical Shop, prepaid for one year in advance or billed monthly = $77/month for 12 months (13th month FREE) - OR - $900 for the year when pre-paid. *Note that items shipped will require additional shipping & handling fees*


💫 The Crone ⤘ 💖

The monthly offerings, ritual items plus a one-hour personal session each month with Tracey to be used for shamanic healing or spiritual guidance, prepaid for one year in advance = $2662 for 13 months. *Shipping & handling included*


I am over the moon with excitement to share this program with you. I feel there is no time better than the present to share this work. We are all in the process of transformation already. Many people have lost faith and focus on life-path and purpose. An  immersion into the realms of spiritual energy can propel each of us into a positive direction and link us back to our core essence/ Higher Self. I'm waiting to hear from you and can answer any and all of your questions. But I have one big one for you:

Are you Ready to Enter the Mana Temple?


In Love, Service and Wisdom,

* * * * * * * * * * *

* The Mana Temple opens July 2020 *

Register by emailing: or visiting

Call (609) 918-0963 to discuss the program further

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