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Complimentary Offerings
& Cool Stuff!

We are all on the path of self-discovery, self-mastery and reclaiming our sovereign divinity. Here are some of the free offerings we have to help you along your path. In reciprocity, we ask you share and comment positively to assist us in growing these offerings for our larger community. 

In Love, Service, Wisdom and Beauty.

The Yogini Life

a BLOG by Tracey L. Ulshafer

Tracey's blog from 2010-2022 offers nuggets of wisdom on yoga and life!

Typing on Computer

Surfing the New Reality

Tracey's New Blog

We are entering a in the process of bridging worlds as a New Reality comes forward at this time. Trust your instincts - there is more, much more to life, and to our world, than what we have known. Join Tracey for nuggets of Earth & Sky Wisdom in her new blog to help you navigate this ever-changing times.

Dr. Tracey's YouTube Channel

From the Earth Chakras Documentary Series to One-Minute Meditations, Energy Messages and other Yoga and Travel related content, check out the growing number of videos - SUBSCRIBE to the channel - we need to make it to 1000 subscribers to load new offering availability on YouTube.