Yoga Class Descriptions
Find a Class that is Appropriate for you

Yoga is a process of personal reintegration that connects the body, mind & spirit through asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), and meditation. The key to any yoga practice is finding the right class for you. Below is a guide to our classes so that you may find the most appropriate class.

Learn how to still the mind through various meditation pathways. Helps with stress-reduction.

Gentle Yoga
A focus on very gentle stretching and breathing exercises to help promote relaxation and calm. These classes are perfect for beginners, those with physical limitations or anyone who just wants to unwind & relax.

Gentle Hatha
A hybrid of our Gentle & Hatha classes with an emphasis on relaxation using a slow, meditative pace, but with some standing/weight-bearing postures added in for a little something extra.

Hatha Yoga (All Level)
Our signature Hatha Yoga classes will be a balance of postures that both stretch as well as strengthen the body. Different yoga techniques are introduced in every class, keeping the individual in mind, making each class unique. These classes are for all levels - beginners & up.

Hatha Fundamentals
For beginners or those who want to work on yoga fundamentals like alignment & technique. These classes will help you determine the best variations/modifications for you and your body.

Hatha Strength & Tone
Developed by one of our teachers, Nicole Weiss, this unique class offers a typical Hatha sequence with resistance bands added to provide a fitness edge & help work and tone various muscle groups.

Vinyasa literally means “breath-synchronized movement.” These classes emphasize the transitioning of postures through a flowing sequence, led by the breath, but can be slow & meditation or fast & vigorous - depending on the class level.

Levels of Vinyasa:
Level I/II: For the ongoing beginner. There is much alignment principles as well as techniques discussed throughout this slower paced class.
Level II: These are moderately paced classes are where typically more challenging postures and sequences are offered in a heated room.
Level III: These are faster-paced, high-energy, advanced variated classes performed in a heated room.

Power Hour
A powerful Vinyasa practice designed to maximize your practice in one hour. Sweat & Melt away your day! This class is appropriate for all levels.

Pre-Natal Yoga
For moms-to-be at any point during pregnancy. Class can be taken all the way up to delivery as we teach techniques to help with labor & delivery.

Kid & "Tween" Yoga
Kid’s for age 5-10, “Tween” for age 11-15.